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Awesome! It’s a pretty sweet release, really glad to see it get a bump on Bandcamp. And thanks so much on behalf of the Muzan folk and Lee to you for ordering a a copy! It has a long way to travel, hope it gets there soon!


20 chars of good luck


Thanks Iain! (20char)


today my new full length solo tape came out on plastic response records (digi available from magic from space bandcamp direct). it is based off of 11 old modular sketches, originally videos, that i’ve revisited over the years. really grateful to get to work with tj of plastic response as he has been so easy and fun to interact with. run of 100 and comes with a sticker of the art that is by the amazing
Od Niwr.


I had a Funkadelic flashback when the drop on track 6 hit around 0:36. Well done!


thank you so much! i try to stay well behaved but musical id isn’t so easy to pin down politely.


[File under: Harsh Ambient]

Very happy to be releasing this awesome piece of eurorack-made sound art! Find it absolutely brilliant that Benjamin is working in a conceptual as well as technical region!

Benjamin Flesser - Resa [#CC13]

Resa is the second release of the Berlin based composer and artist Benjamin Flesser on Cloudchamber.
As an auditory diptych it works with two vectors directed towards the lower respectively upper edges of the frames. A dilemma on one side, a decomposition on the other side. For there is no solution but the possibility of an observation of stasis that one would wish to declare as a problem. The remaining hope must be projected elsewhere than to solute, into contingency, the unknown.
A soothing journey through a single point. It’s a décollage.

Tape/Digital - out now on Cloudchamber Recordings!


I just launched my label, Cudighi Records, and our first cassette, “Crusted Habits” by Takahiro Mukai, is for sale. Some fun and goofy acid techno from Osaka with artwork by Jiro Bevis. Hope you get a kick out of it!


I’m thrilled to share my new album with you: ‘Would’ is out today on Seil Records.

Downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks and of course there is a limited cassette edition which also includes a 30 minute live set with all new material.

The album is about finding beauty and grace in everyday moments, stopping time and becoming one with your surrounding. It wants you to feel, breath and love.

‘Would’ was entirely made with an Elektron Digitakt sampler, recorded straight to cassette in one take and then mastered.

Hope you enjoy it.


Just finished my own album for my label. It’s a mish-mash of psychedelic pop, drones, ambient, and sound collage run through a handful of pedals and tapes. You can grab a tape now - shipping out of the US!


and it’s 20chars of killer!


new tape Beginners out now on Dinzu Artefacts.

synthesis, recordings.

a little difference, a little repetition, a little transparency.

excerpt and purchase info:

the blurb:

Becoming the glass in front of you, the streaks of dirt outside and hands inside define a moment or a movement, are still the pane. Synthesis and field recordings you may have heard before, made hybrid in process and subject to transparency. Begin to think we are somewhere new.

“Early photographs were taken with such long exposures that someone could walk through a room and become a vague streak of white against a window opening on to more light, and so on.” Cole Swensen, The Glass Age


I got mine. Congrats on the release. It’s really very good.


always glad to hear that!


“Volume II” it’s the first EP of our band La Sciarma and it’s available in a limited edition cassette release too.
It’s not synth related but more a guitar driven indie rock with italian lyrics.


Just put the link on its own line.


Here’s a new tape release from my label - we’ve got some top-tier dark ambient and drone from Japan’s ELMA. Check it out!


Disc Image’s “EP” is moreau9! some of the most beautifully dynamic abstract electronics I’ve heard. click through to grab a home-dubbed tape + use code “rebreather” for 20% off everything on Moreau’s bandcamp, physical items included!


This is my new album on Otomatik Muziek called Form Phallus Function. I hope this finds a good home here.The album is based on live improvisations & recordings from concerts I played. Nearly no additional editing (no overdubs). The recordings are all eurorack, plumbutter and some dsp-effects on the computer side.


Happy to announce Cloudchamber Recordings Summer batch of tapes - with some of the regulars from this good place here! Releases July 6th, available for pre-order now.

Puscha - “Undulations” C52 (#CC14) @Puscha


Prms - “Contretemps” C50 (#CC15) @prms


Meng Qi - “Span” C14 (#CC16) @MengQiMusic