Cassette releases


The Meng Qi release is a revelation. The track ‘Span (Live at Cafa)’ has me scratching my head on how it was done, while simultaneously hoping I never find out. Thanks for sharing these (and yes, I preordered a copy).


Thank you so much for your support! Happy to have these out. Man, Meng Qi is a super cool and down to earth guy, and yes, listening to his music made me float in space for a bit. :slight_smile:
Also have to mention Puscha/Jake is a super cool guy as well, love his Antarctic minimalism! :slight_smile:


Just in case someone missed a tape on Seil Records: There are a few reissues available or on pre-order right now. :heart:


As with his last album, the two previews from the meng qi cassettte just blew my mind, preordered!


A new tape is out on my pal’s label Obsolete Staircases. Synthesizer zones.

A split tour tape with @jwm is done too, lovingly named after (and cover featuring) @analogue01 ha. Pick one up from us on the road in July. Any leftovers will go up on Josh’s Bandcamp page when we get home.


Ordered that shedding tape - it sounds absolutely awesome, well worth that crazy shipping price the US charge to send to Europe :grin:.
Would be curious to know what instrument(s) were used to create that album.


Thanks, glad you like. Yeah, shipping is absurd, thank the lord for 1s and 0s :slight_smile: But I appreciate you ordering a physical copy of course.

As for instruments…just the modular synthesizer and an Octatrack processing/sampling it occasionally on a few songs.


I was expecting you to say Ciat Lonbarde, very interesting! Can’t say I’ve ever knowingly heard an Octatrack used in this way. Looking forward to hearing the tape :slight_smile:


My 4-track EP is out on Dog Park Records. Combination of field recordings and guitar :slight_smile:


CC Update: release day for @MengQiMusic, @Puscha and @prms tapes!!

As you may be aware, the first round of MengQi’s tape has sold out in pre-order, so printing another round for anyone who might have missed out on it immediately!

Bundle deal still stands as per original post! :smiley:

EDIT: all tapes come with printed download codes


I still have plenty of copies left of London noise/core supergroup Horse Vomit’s only album -


Cassettes are in hand! The album comes out on July 13 and pre-orders are open… only 25 cassettes made on super high quality tape.

If you want one of these, and don’t have my previous one, I’ll throw one in.

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Super proud to release Hainbach‘s new album ‘Ambient Piano Works’ on my label. It’s a wonderful album full of tape loops and beautiful piano fragments. And cassettes are ready to ship. :heart:


A new Hainbach tape? Instant buy. Listening now. Thank you!


Thanks a lot. People really seem to love it.


yep already purchased! The man has created a lot of consistently excellent albums in a pretty short time! Looking forward to hearing this one on tape.


That was an easy instabuy.


Hainbach is a tough act to follow…

…especially when you can’t figure out how to properly embed the bandcamp player.


Just grabbed a copy! :wink:


the remaining copies of the tour tape @sellanraa and i made are available on my bandcamp in case anyone here might be interested. connor on the A side, me on B. cover features a hitchcock-esque creeper shot of our bud @analogue01, who we went to visit on this trip.