Casual Decay - Forms of Life Beyond Our Comprehension

It’s bandcamp Friday and I have a new album out today. Forms of Life Beyond Our Comprehension was first performed as part of the 2021 Circuit Bender’s Ball, an amazing live-streamed music festival for creative weirdos from all over the south.

I wrote and recorded these songs in March of 2021 which truly feels like a lifetime ago to me. A messy divorce, a cross country move, a couple of covid vaccinations and a rapidly changing world stand between me and the initial creation of these songs. No matter how abstract the art, revisiting my art always feels like reading an old diary. I hear so much desperate isolation in these songs. Such an intense longing for connection, not just to humans but to all living things. I am so proud of who I am today and my renewed connection to nature is a wonderful development in my life. This album marks one chapter in that story.

Forms of Life is an album dedicated to extremophiles, symbioses and all forms of life we as humans can’t possibly out comprehend. A celebration of life existing in places and in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined until we observed it first hand. Life flourishes even in the bleakest, most extreme conditions on earth.


I enjoyed giving this a listen this morning. Nice work, Jon!

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Thank you for the feedback! I have a whole other finished Casual Decay release waiting in the wings but I’m trying to shop it to some labels haha.

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I enjoyed it very much. I liked that the tracks blend into each other to make a journey. It feels like being tuned to an interstellar radio.

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