Casual Decay - Sunset Moonrise

My new full length album is out now on bandcamp! Tapes coming soon.

This album is a love letter to the Pacific Northwest from a new resident slowly becoming familiar with his environment. I’ve lived in Portland, Or for a little over a year and a half now and I really love it out here! Fantastic community of artists and unparalleled access to nature. A great place to create music for a walk in the forest.

On a more technical level there’s also a lot of inspiration from Kevin Shields / shoegaze in general and Sunn O))) style drone metal. Stick that distortion at the very end of your effects chain! Use feedback to achieve infinite sustain! The main thing I wanted to accomplish with this album was to get playful with perceived loudness, distortion, feedback and noise in a really hands-on and malleable way that’s still pleasant to listen to. I’m just out here trying to make a fuzzed out joyful noise :slight_smile:


This forum has been so instrumental in my artistic and musical development. Can’t emphasize enough how much I love the lines community and how profound of an impact the discussions here have had on Casual Decay.

Free Download codes!!

Please comment if you claim one so I can update.


qjyd-xkrg (used)
rkxx-vt3v (used)
p58r-yxqt (used)
5gbu-hmth (used)
dnqp-6bh9 (used)
6nd9-e9r3 (used)
9bue-jyhu (used)
zdw9-grmp (used)
3qjz-34k2 (used)
p58r-yxqt (used)
j6ne-7veg (used)

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Used above code.
Digging it, thanks Jon! Nice fuzzy comedown after a hairy week.

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used this code…thank you for sharing. i am eager to spend some time with your new release.


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thank you and congrats on the release! it’s great here. :slightly_smiling_face:


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used this and grabbed something else on your page which i hadn’t heard…thanks so much for the gift jon!

too quick year is fantastic
a delicious dense wash

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Thank you! That one really stands out for me too. I didn’t have a vision for the album as a whole until that one came together :slight_smile:

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Any plans to release on Apple Music? If so, I’ll let someone else take the code I would have done.

By the way, I took my first trip to the Pacific Northwest (not counting the Rainbow Gathering in Washington state in 1981 after college, whole other story…) about 5 years ago, mostly to Vancouver and the countryside up to Whistler.

What an amazing part of the world! I wish I could live out there, not that Boston is bad, it’s actually great, but still… There is a vibe out there that’s really ancient and mystical… The fact that the music is channeling that energy makes it so intriguing, I can’t wait to listen.

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None of my music has ever been up on the major streaming services. It has always felt insulting to me that I have to pay for the pleasure of people listening to my music for free haha. I’m thinking about changing that though!


Mine is only on the streaming services since that’s where most people listen, but I’m planning to put it on Bandcamp for the folks that prefer to get their music there…

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Thanks! I loved the sample tracks so I’m excited to hear the full album. Fuzz and distortion in an ambient context is something that really speaks to me. Would love to hear more about your approach to these tracks and how you achieved those gorgeous distortions!

I used 6nd9-e9r3 btw.


EDIT: the couple of codes I tried said they’d already been used, so I didn’t use any up I think.

This music is so lovely. Like others I’d love to hear more about your process making it.

This quite good.
I used

Thank you.

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been listening to this driving around in the sleet and mist this morning, such a vibe, big ups, much love, would love to hear this live.


Well if you’re in Portland, OR I’m playing a live set this Sunday! Haha