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Happy New Year everybody!

I released my first full length solo album on Bandcamp yesterday! It’s a collection of ambient / drone songs made with my Eurorack gear, my Minilogue xd and my iPad. Everything I’ve picked up on lines as a reader and contributor over the last few years has undoubtedly influenced my sound.

2020 with all its ups and downs allowed me the time to make more music than I ever have before. To be honest though, I didn’t record about 95% of what I made, because the finished product didn’t really seem like the point. With live shows and the local scene off the map, the function of music felt different this year. Making music, in particular making generative music on my modular systems (both on my iPad and in hardware!) provided me some shelter and peace in a year that often felt scary and out of control. I got in the habit of falling asleep to generative patches on the iPad almost every night and I really think that helped out my anxiety immensely.

If these songs can provide a similar sense of peace and shelter to anyone else I’ll consider that a success.


Self bump for bandcamp Friday. Hope that’s not too much of a faux pas here. Here’s some alt album art as well :slight_smile:

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