Category changes 11/11

  1. Releases category.
  2. Open category. Uncategorized threads no longer allowed.
  3. Lounge renamed Regulars (for those with Regular level)

Please flag a topic if it might be better placed in another category. All help sorting much appreciated!


also! if you’ve made a release post recently in one of the mega-threads (latest / cassettes / etc) and you’d like a mod to break it out to Releases, flag it with a note or message the mods


Just to clarify from the longer thread about this topic – do we want to encourage people to have a single release thread for all their releases and edit the name like the Sound+Process podcast thread? Or is it ok to have a thread per release?

(all of this assuming that the poster encourages a discussion rather than just a link dump, which should go in the mega-thread)

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thread per release. anything else is megathready/spammy/attention-seeking/linkdumping. we’d like to see thought and consideration given to individual release writeups, rather than have things be buried in an increasingly lengthy all-in-one thread. it’s much harder to keep on the subject if there’s multiple subjects (releases) scattered throughout the thread.


also, there may be old topics hitting the front page while we sort out categories and ancient threads. discourse is properly filing some of them by the right time/datestamp, and it’s bumping others to the frontpage when they’re moved to the correct category. not sure why discourse isn’t acting consistently.

apologies for the temporary front-page mess; things will settle down.


You May want to make a public announcement about that. Just noticed my “latest” view is entirely posts from 2015

Edit: actually, it’s a mix of old and new but there’s no way to tell the difference… and it looks like a lot of the big popular threads are buried.

yup, it looks like things go “back to normal” in the timeline after about 1-4 hours of posts, at least according to my forum view, but the software is not behaving consistently. looking into putting up a notice/banner somewhere at the top of the frontpage, so it’s visible in the “latest” view.


per @emenel’s suggestion, i’ve put a temporary notice at the top of the forum. it’s possible this thread display issue will resolve itself when discourse refreshes its cache.


Is it possible /useful to get a link to that? Or is everything we need to know about what we should or should not be posting covered in the above posts?

Seems to have settled down now?

indeed. well, the old threads are still stubbornly hanging onto their bogus timestamps, but at least they’re no longer at the top of the stack. the major wave of category moves is done, though there’s no guarantee that future topic fixes won’t also error out and appear in “latest.” there are a few more things to do, but hopefully taking care of them in small batches won’t overload the software.

status message removed from the top of the forum; thanks everyone for your patience.