Category Colors Differentiation and Accessiblity

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I’ve been on and off and on and off lines for a few years now, mostly lurking as of late. I wanted to find a way for myself to be able to process just how many posts and topics are active each day. One way that would be helpful (for me at least) would be to edit some of the category colors so they do not duplicate each other. E.g., Questions and Events or Equipment and Disquiet Junto

This also could also be an opportunity to review the color scheme for accessibility (to be clear this is not my area of expertise at all), but I did a quick review on a website called Coloring for Colorblindness and it does allow some degree of testing with colors, and also offers some color blind palettes at the bottom that could be applied.

We do have quite a few categories here, though I can’t seem to get an exact count from my preferences page, looks like somewhere between 12-15? Just hoping to see if there is interest in updating category colors.


thanks for calling this to our attention. i just checked and we’re using all of the “preset” colors for discourse, but it does allow for custom ones! will work on it.

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Excellent news, thanks @tehn !