CD duplication (US East Coast)

Asking for a friend. Has anyone got any recommendations for CD duplication services on the east coast of the US? Preferably for small runs.

look into

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I’m not really sure about the east coast in particular but there are companies in and around Nashville that provide replication at half the price of discmakers. I can’t remember the name of the company we used for my old band’s release but it was literally half the price in jewel cases with an insert.

If you go discmakers don’t go with their digital distribution. It’s easy, don’t get me wrong, but they’ll pocket your publishing from all of these digital services. Use distrokid or some other means and retain your publishing.

Also, I just noticed that the title says duplication and not replication. If you Google cd duplication with your area you might find a service that is way cheaper. But I would be on the lookout for replication if you had a master that needed to be re-created. The differences are subtle but replication is pretty much guaranteed success whereas possibilities of weirdness are higher with duplication or at least that’s what the industry wants you to believe.

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If you would prefer drop shipping (manufacture one at a time on demand and ship direct to customer) look into Kunaki. Very janky old school web site, but you can’t beat their manufacturing+shipping prices. It’s hard to imagine how they make any profit, honestly.


Great. I’m producing an album for someone, they are in the US, I’m in Europe. Yes it’s replication I need. Still finalising the details, but want to hand over the master and artwork and get a small run done. If you remember the name of the company you used let me know :slight_smile: