Cerf-Volants by DUODUO / Ciat-Lonbarbe meets Serge

Today is the release of “Cerf-Volant” the first release of DUODUO. A band I have with the wonderful Fabien Iannone. He plays Serge modular on it and I play the usual Ciat-Lonbarde instruments. It’s available on vinyl, Bandcamp and all the streaming platforms. We recorded it live to stereo in two days during lockdown.

Thanks Romain Iannone for the beautiful cover and Taylor Deupree for the great master.

Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks, going to take a proper listen when I have the chance. Gotta catch up with your latest youtube tracks as well.


this brings together so many things I LOVE

thanks for sharing w/ us
the artwork is phenomenal


Picked this up last week and listening this morning. A lot of great sounds.

I was wondering, did you two rehearse it or are these improvisations? Seems like the rhythmic aspects also lock in pretty well - did you connect the Serge and Ciat instruments to share a clock signal?

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Glad you like it! Everything was improvised! Some of the tune we agreed on the patch before beginning and other takes were totally improvised. We ended with 4 hours of materials so we had to do some editing :smiley:

And yes, the cirklon that was sequencing the serge was sending me clock. I used it to clock the MWRS of the plumbutter.

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