ChalkWalk - 328 More

A little over a year ago I released my first album 823 Hours which was the output of an 18 month project to create a track every day in one hour. After that release I continued to make less time constrained music (including a second, extremely time constrained album, Cautious Solutions). Beyond that, I still created lots of music “just because” on a fairly frequent basis. This album is a way for me to underline my output over that period to help me move forward. In particular to encourage me to move toward more deliberate and personal music creation.

My setup has changed very little since last year: MPC, Peak, Bass Station 2, Drumbrute, 3 Korg Volcas & a Microfreak. Everything runs into a mixer (with 3x Boss 500 series pedals for effects), through the master out into a stereo graphic EQ, a compressor/limiter, then to a zoom H6 recorder where I record in stereo. I never save multi tracked recordings of the mix, just a stereo master, so no remixing. Everything was remastered lightly in Ardour using calf studio gear plugins.

I created individual cover art for each track as well as for the album, so click through to see them if you are interested. I consider the highlights to be ‘Wild Stars’ and ‘Pieces of Reality’ (which also illustrate the range of style presented) so if you are looking for a couple of tracks to listen to, then that’s where I’d look. I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any questions about the process or what approach I took, feel free to ask.