Change Font Script "About Screen"

Is it possible to change the font used to display text on the “About/Info” screen that shows when a Norns script is selected from the Select menu, but before it’s actually loaded?

I ask because I’d like to display some ASCII art on this screen, but this requires a fixed-width font.

I wonder if support for simple formatting/markup commands in the commented top section of a Norns script that contains this description text exists, or might in the future, to allow changing fonts, font size, any perhaps even displaying .png graphics.


in short, no, not without substantial feature changes to the menu system.

it seems you’ve advanced quite a bit in your scripting— i might suggest starting to look at the core lua code of norns. the menu itself is written in lua! norns/preview.lua at main · monome/norns · GitHub


No problem. I think I’ll not mess around with the Norns system at the moment, as then my script wouldn’t work properly for anyone else, and I don’t imagine it would be a useful mod for anyone else.

Hehe… not sure about that one! I think I’ve about got back to where I was when I worked on my last abortive Grids port, then took a break from Norns coding for a while…