Change user name?

Hey, I have a quick technical question regarding my profile here. I hope I’m posting it in the right category.

Inspired by the recent thread about online identity I would like to change my screen name here to my real name, but I couldn’t find the option to do it. Is it possible at all? Or would it have to be edited by the admin?

Thank you!

yes, i believe this is your best bet

let me know how you’d like it spelled

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@glia this is perfect, thank you so much!

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This is actually something I would like to do as well. I started out with the user name “pilun” when I joined the forum several years ago because that was the planned name for the makeshift label I was going to start releasing my material under. That plan was never realized, and I’ve since soured to the name “pilun.”

I was also inspired by that thread about online identity, though unlike pawelgrudzien, I’ve decided not to go with my birth name. Rather, I was hoping to change my user name to represent the umbrella project/label name I actually am using these days: Loma Editions.

Would it be possible to change my user name to “loma” (sans quotation marks, of course)? It also doesn’t hurt that it’s just the Spanish translation of my last name.


I’d like to change too if it’s possible please @glia I would like to use “Nordseele” as username please. I use this name everywhere else (IG, Orthogonal devices, Squarp etc) thank you :blush:

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hi all (future all)-- to expedite this type of request, please DM the moderators group. using this thread will not be sustainable as a community approach :slight_smile:

edit: @loma + @Nordseele, done!