Generate eight connected sine wave LFOs and output them over MIDI.

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Very simple script to generate really slow LFOs (cycles from 1 sec to 24 hours).
I built this for myself for Drone Day 2020 but sharing it in the hope it’s useful to others also.


MIDI out


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…modulate timber player sample’s volume…


that, my friend, is a great idea


Thanks a lot for sharing this. I have been looking quite a bit at scripts and tried to understand the lua side of things (not even thinking about supercollider). It is quite beautiful to see that it just takes adjusting one number to get this script to 16 instead of 8 lfos. :slight_smile:
It makes me want to try again and go back to the tutorials.


this is genius. thank you so much. i am going to have so much fun running this through my digitone patches and switching up the cc ranges.

somehow missed this one, but i’m glad i found it


How would I go about assigning each LFO to a specific MIDI CC?

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If you need them to be non-sequential then you can edit the param and this line of the MIDI output code.


Oh nice! Thank you! Time to dive in…

This is great and should be incorporated into scripts as a default modulation source.

This is a just an idea and has sync but was wondering if something like this could be done? I wonder if this could be incorporated into a synth or sample type patch with arc control like the below video


this might be a ridiculous request, and i love this script exactly the way it exists currently. but i’m wondering about expanding my very limited current modular setup and thinking if i could map each individual lfo to a separate midi channel and also map incoming midi to the frequency of each lfo, it would make it very easy to have a performative midi to cv 8 modulation source that i can control with my nanokontrol2.

i know that’s very specific, but it might be pretty neat imho

Thank you @markeats!
Really useful script. Anyway of incorporating MIDI Sync for LFOs?

These all sound like interesting ideas but I probably should have been a bit clearer in my first post in explaining that I probably won’t be developing this one further myself. I pretty much just wrote it for that one performance.

Happy to help guide anyone wanting to make additions or review pull requests and check out other branches though! It’s a simple script to make some edits to :slight_smile:


finally gave this a whirl tonight when I was looking for MIDI LFOs for my volante. great, simple basis for further customization. thanks so much for sharing!

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