CHAOS Operator


chaos theory based noise/sound/signal generator (be aware!: may produce very loud noises!!!)

chaos operator (chaosop) is a chaos theory based noise/sound generator for norns that can send its chaos via midi, osc or uses its own supercollider synth. You can choose from one of nine chaos theory based maps and manipulate those in various ways.

I am a great fan of noise, unpredictability and breaking order. Chaos theory equations are interesting to me because they produce utter randomness but in some sweet spots they start to resonate with themselves and begin to oscillate. providing a great playing field of chaos and order. and it produces interesting results when you let it play instruments. if you like, you can here chaosop play a piano here: Ch4os Piano | deeg


There is a max4live device available called “Norns_OSC_2” which you’ll need to receive Chaos OPs output via OSC in Ableton Live.

If you want to send via OSC you have to specify the receiver address and port in the code at line 92: osc_dest = {“”,9001} I haven’t found a good way to input it via a menu in Norns yet.


MIDI (optional), OSC (optional)


full manual can be found here:

ENC 2: choose parameter

ENC 3: change selected parameter

ENC 1: change the amount parameters will be changed

KEY 2&3: switch between chaos theorems


to install type into maiden:


Chaos!! :butterfly: I’m seeing if I can modify it to output MIDI CC :butterfly:

PS. Great demo track, gives me the creeps.

Edit yes working :slight_smile:

Would it make sense‚ conceptually, to have

wrapper in math.abs, since MusicUtil.freq_to_note_num always returns 127 on negative values of frequency?

local note = MusicUtil.freq_to_note_num(math.abs(x0*multi))

I did not know that! you are right it then does make sense to wrap it in “abs”. Will do that. Thanks for pointing this out to me!

nice! :wink:

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I made a little pull request which adds MIDI cc as an alternative to outputting MIDI notes :butterfly: Lovely cchaos on the Digitone! :butterfly:


have no idea how that pull request stuff works on GitHub, hope I clicked the right button!

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some nice Ulysses 31 stranded in unknown space kind of music around 12.30 in the demo :slight_smile:


Wow, this looks (and sounds) so incredibly inspiring! Hopefully I will find some time to give this a go during the weekend!

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Digitone MIDI cchaos, and bleeps from the script. Good fun all evening.


really liking this! it is great to hear other peoples take on this script. new perspectives and creativity. thanks for sharing this! :clap: :grinning:


love the script - I’ve been playing on it the last few days when I found your repository: I think this would work really well with Timber


oof i think this is the nicest looking gui i’ve seen for norns - clean but stylish :nail_care:


ok…FRACKEN wow!!!
this is absolutely amazing!

first dive into the chaos for last night’s noiz session…
it ended up being an ALL norns session!
running CHAOS Operator on two norns, oooooo on the third and running Dronecaster on a norns shield that i finally completely updated. :stuck_out_tongue:
additional noiz from an Access Virus B that is controlled with CHAOS Operator on norns #1.

i’m having a wee bit of an issue where i can’t change the volume of each oscillator in small increments in the GUI.
they are either just full on or off.
if i go into the Parameters page i can set all of them to a range of values.

also noticed on one norns that the X & Y values on the GUI are either full on or off but on the second norns i can set them to any of the values that are represented with the two small rows of dots.

i think this script will be an amazing compliment to @jaseknighter KRILL!
(going to experiment with them together next) :stuck_out_tongue:


@SPIKE :grinning: :clap: very nice session and setup you have there. love the video and sounds you made! and thanks I am glad you like my little chaosop!

concerning your problem: with encoder 3 you should be able to set the delta value which defines by how much a parameters value is changed when you wiggle encoder 2. if for example you want to change an osc volume (which goes from 0-1) and your delta value is 1 or higher it only will jump between 0 and 1. set the delta value to something lower (p.e. 0.1 or 0.01) to make finer adjustments. you can always see the current delta value here (the green number and symbol):


hope that fixes your issue. please let me know if not because then there’s a bug somewhere.

keep making such beautiful noiz!


btw: I started dipping into the micro controller world (Arduino for now) and I am working on a hardware version of chaosop that sends CV signals. so basically porting it to the “real world”. still figuring out how to solve some memory issues but it is looking promising. will share code and schematics as soon as I figured it out. think this could be fun :grinning:

I am also workin on a device to grand a norns some basic CV interaction here, if you’re interested: USB (MIDI) to CV - DIY Device



Would it be hard to add integration with Monome crow? Would add the cv integration in a much simpler way :slight_smile:

I guess it wouldn’t be. The problem is getting your hands on a crow. Even used they are not to be found. At least I didn’t. - On the other hand: it is a good excuse to develop a device of my own and learn some new stuff :wink:


Yep that makes sense, didn’t;t realise the crows were not available, hope you get your midi to cv to midi device working soon :slight_smile:
I would like to add communication with the crow at some point and have a question re most logical integration of input and outputs. My guess would be that the 2 inputs can be used for X and Y values and 1 output for the resulting value of the equations? Each chaos algorithm only outputs one value right?
Thank you!

If there is anything at all I could do further to get the MIDI CC output contribution accepted and merged, or rejected if deemed unsuitable or uninteresting, please don’t hesitate to let me know :butterfly: I heart cchaos.

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I’m so sorry! I wanted to integrate your midi cc addition to the on screen menu of the script before integrating it into the final script. But I just to forget to do that. Will do it soon! Promise!

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No worries :butterfly: I’m running it on my own norns but just thought someone else might enjoy it too :butterfly:

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