Chapelier Fou "Deai" (Free EP)

Hi there,

I completely forgot to share the release a few weeks ago of a special EP that I made with the help of my friend and clarinet player Maxime Tisserand (German Suplex). Maybe some of you would be interested.
It’s a commissioned soundtrack, that was broadcasted in an ephemeral Japanese garden in Nancy, France.
It’s a mix of my recent researches about sampling, modified violin, canon and counterpoint writing, improvisation and exploration of the DSI Prophet Rev2 synthesizer.
Sound sources are : Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Violin, pitched-down Violin, Piano, Intellijel Atlantis, DSI Prophet Rev2, Elektron Machinedrum, Ableton Live.
The music itself as few Japanese influences, but some ideas were at the origin of compositions. For instance, some canons are structured as Haikus. Other follow the architecture of a plum flower.
Anyway, it’s free and available here :


Thank you! This album is absolutely beautiful. Big up from Berlin!