Chapelier Fou Ensemb7e

As much as I love synths and computers, I came into music by playing violin and harpsichord when I was a child.
When I started making my own (electronic) music, I naturally played acoustic instruments in addition to electronic stuff.
Many years after, in 2021, I had the opportunity to gather a small ensemble of 7 musicians, called “Chapelier Fou Ensemb7e”. I’m very proud to share what we’ve been cooking. It’s a mix of “songs” from different times, but most are from the two albums released in 2020, Méridiens and Parallèles.


looks very cool
what an amazing opportunity!

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music + stage & light design + recording/mixing = excellent

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so good!! your stuff is always next level, this was really cool to see a different side of your skills!

Will this be available on Bandcamp ?

I’m familiar with some of the songs as I bought Paralleles (and really like it), wihch makes these different interpretations even more enjoyable :slight_smile: .

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I don’t think so, as I plan to record a “proper” album with the Ensemb7e. But who knows, it’s not bad as a record, but the acoustic of the room is very present, and I would make it sound differently if I can.

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Totally forgot to post here, but we actually recorded an album ! It’s been a joy to make, and here it is :