Chapelier Fou - Kalia

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Two years ago i made the musical part of the art installation “Les métamorphoses de Mr Kalia”, originally shown at the Barbican Centre in London ( &
I’m releasing the soundtrack on May 27th, as a 9 track mini-album. Each track is approximately 2’15" long and they all share the same structure.
The first one is available for free download here (amongst many artists from my label).
The website for the album ( will be updated with video shots from real performances.

Hope you’ll like it !


Oh, you’re the real Chapelier Fou :slight_smile: Big fan here, good job :smiley:

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One other song, with a video excerpt from a performance :


Kalia is out today !!
Available on CD ( and download ( for now. LP coming up this summer.
Two other live footages :


Wonderful stuff! I certainly regret not picking up an lp of yours out here in Denver when I saw it a couple months ago

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Now out in LP :