Chapelier Fou : Live "360", binaural mix

Hi there,
I had the chance to record a 1 hour concert at L-Acoustics headquarters. They have a surround system of (if I remember well) 22+5 loudspeakers.
Hervé Dejardin from Radio France developed a system on Usine (or is it called Hollyhock ?) that is quite powerful.
This has been “re-scaled” to a binaural mix, which is questionnable, but I think the result is not that bad, so I thought I would share. Needless to say “headphones only”.


How was it to work with this kind of surround system?

It was super fun.
It helps to define the mix a lot, when a source goes only to some speakers and you can listen to many details.
I had to struggle against distance/latency, especially with acoustic instruments. Check out the pizzicati at 38:19, I’m so late ! The speakers could be like 5-7 meters fr from me. But I suspect that the system itself introduces a noticeable latency.
Also, I miss the proximity of loudspeakers, I felt a bit naked with speakers that far.

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You guys are amazing! I can’t imagine juggling so many types instruments, acoustic, modular, live looping! Really great synchronization between the two of you. And really great music! Love this mix of whimsical and dance. Really impressive performance and really cool music! The binaural spatial effect is pretty cool in parts as well.

Only one problem with the performance - silence after songs! We’re all clapping in our homes. Cheers!

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Thanks for the kind words ! I actually met the “other guy” the same day. He’s “only” doing the spatialization.

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Wha?! Ha! I figured he was adding some of the electronic sounds, maybe triggering stuff in Ableton. But, yeah, even more impressed.