Chase Bliss blooper

Bit late to the party – it’s been running for near two weeks already – but found out today that Chase Bliss are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their blooper pedal.

Since I haven’t seen the campaign mentioned here, and a few folks previously expressed an interest, thought it was worth highlighting.

So enamoured with this thing… at $500 though I’ll have to wait for one to come up used, scrub that I am. They really have done some amazing work here.

Still unsure if I’m more interested in Mood or blooper…

Like you say, the smart thing to do is wait until the new year and pickup one secondhand; there’s bound to be a few people who back the Kickstarter then decide they don’t really need/want/like it.

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I’ve been watching the development videos with a lot of interest as a lot of the design elements have been really interesting to me; the scanning across loop layers, the effects being able to be recorded to the loop, the fact that it has a feedback knob (more loopers need this). I probably won’t be able to own one but it’s made me think a lot about the utility of function in a looper outside of the basics, and has been inspiring me to experiment with different approaches with the loopers I already have.

I’ve been playing with Mood for a couple of weeks. For me it feels like a take on the same concept as Clouds although a bit more playable (for me at least). The quantized steps in tape mode makes it feel a bit like a crossover between Count To 5 and the sampling part of Clouds. The reverb on the left side is huuuuge, lo-fiey and cool. It does it’s own thing, has a “sound”. I think Blooper can be more transperent and useful for completely other things.


I was fortunate enough to play blooper at an earlier development stage this May. Like many others I have been searching for a truly ‘creative’ looper pedal, combining all the regular functions you would expect with some more advanced features. And I do believe this is finally it. Haven’t been excited for a pedal this much in a long time and can’t wait to use it in its final form.


I have a MOOD. Have an ongoing project to sequence it from my OP-Z. No luck so far. But, it is a truly inspiring pedal. You know, the kind you feed something and you end up listening to the result for an hour. Some people like to call it “Fennesz in a box”.

Will probably get blooper as well and then maybe never get an effect pedal ever again.


Apologies - I know this probably isn’t the best place to ask - but I just took delivery of a MOOD pedal and I’m keen to use the CV input for control via modular. Does anyone have recommendations for an alternative cable to the one Chase Bliss provides? $19.00 is fine, but then $20 on top of that for shipping means a big NOPE from me.

I was in a similar situation when I took delivery of a Count to 5 pedal a year ago. I ended up making my own. Eventually I ordered an ALM SBG to properly integrate the CT5 with my modular, and it came with a cable similar to the Chase Bliss cable, but with molded connectors. So, building your own cable is an easy option, if you’re handy with a soldering iron.

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Ha! Found this on the Thonk site. This looks like the cable that came with the SBG…

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I’ve made two cables thus far by taking an 1/8th inch mono patch cable, cutting one end off, then soldering to a standard 1/4 inch mono jack ($3 on amazon). Has worked great sending CV from my Korg SQ-1 to several pedals, including a Chase Bliss Dark World.

Have any of you had any luck using the midi control on any chase bliss stuff?

I sync my Thermae to my Performer eurorack sequencer with MIDI sync via the Empress MIDI box. Works as it should. The one thing i dont like about MIDI implementation on it is context sensitive CC controls. Parameters share knobs so you have to switch a dipswitch to access the modulation controls, and then switch back to get to Interval controls.
Using MIDI CCs you might assume that you can just set the hidden parameters directly, but unfortunately the MIDI CCs set the parameter of whatever mode the dipswitch is in (Mod or Interval). This feels like a missed opportunity for me, I can’t think of any reason why MIDI CCs would be implemented in a context sensitive way. On something like the Blooper where functionality is dense I hope its not also the case


Any luck sequencing Mood with opz?

nope. I haven’t had any luck doing any midi with the Mood. I think I need a different interface. Not much info on this matter on the internets.

That is a shame. opz is a terrific sequencer and so tiny! I imagine it would pair beautifully with Blooper and Mood if pairing is possible. I’m building a 3u 104hp looper/fx processor to partner z as a portable system with a focus similar to the Chase Bliss pair, but the pedal format is so rugged and handy.

agreed. Have not given up yet, but I really don’t want to get any midi pedal controller thingie to make this work. Got the Disaster Area Chase Bliss MIDI cable.

I’m an utter midi ignoramus. I really struggle with it and much prefer cv, but with z I am growing eager to plunge into midi wonderland.

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Is anybody here using a Blooper? Mine arrived today – and I have a problem: As soon as I plug in an external foot switch, the internal left foot switch becomes inactive – so I can’t delete loops by pressing both internal foot switches. Pressing the external foot switch and the right internal foot switch doesn’t work either: nothing happens. Any ideas?

While I use & love the blooper, I haven’t tried with an external switch (and don’t have one to try with).

I recommend checking out the reddit that they set up for a blooper community. I’m sure someone there has tried this or could do.