Chase Bliss blooper

I would also like to play around with Dark World, although I usually am not drawn to mono reverbs.


Maybe a little off topic, but it does pair well with Blooper. I need to play with a Dark World to better understand what it’s capable of, but I splurged on the '78 and I’ve never experienced as much joy with a reverb. I’m just getting to know it, but I would think it is more than capable of getting into similar territory, based on the level of control. It seems like it can do anything, apart from reverse, from what I have discovered thus far.

It’s not too difficult to make your own Chase Bliss MIDI converter cable. You need TRS jack with the floating Tip.

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True. Sounds like drastically different purposes for those two things.

Recommend sticking a distortion pedal between the reverb and the Bloop. You have to keep the playing fairly minimal, but you can develop some great rhythms with those scuzzy reverb tails.

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Tons of the vibey aspects of dark world are present and expanded upon on the Cooper Arcades. Tom designed the left side of the Dark World.

Just letting everyone know :hugs:


try to run your Blooper trough the real spring, you wont regret it

First thing I did when I got my blooper was sample the Yamaha VSS-200


Blooper firmware version 3 is live!


Very cool, some of this reminds me of the red panda Tensor.

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these are some awesome changes. i need to spend more time and practice with this pedal now, since 2.0 came out with the swappable modifiers i have trouble keeping track of what effect i assigned where.


I’m blown away by these additions. Very cool. It’s a new pedal.

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very nice update. I would love to have a expander for the miniswitches on the back to make it more easy to switch between the A and B banks… :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here. And to figure out which modifiers work well together.

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same here as well. It’s been some amazing additions, I would just love to have some pointers on good combos. I feel like I had a good overview with the initial firmware, but now I quickly feel lost and I struggle a bit more to find those “magic moments”.


You can try to solve it from another end, asking what are the absolute essentials you can not do without. For me it would be the filter, trimmer and speed. Add whatever makes sense.


I’m new to it, but I would probably just replace the ones you’re not using. The main question in my mind is how these effects work in additive mode on top of each other. That should inform which ones I keep.

Not a bad idea. It also seems like the new modifiers don’t like to be stacked. I just need to get reaquainted with it I guess.

I really enjoy stacking Stretcher and Stutter, FWIW.


Duuuuuuude. A vid on the mothership?? Niiiiice. Looking forward to watching.

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I can see myself finding some nice zones with stretcher and scrambler as well.