[cheat codes 2] (rev 220517: LTS6.1)

I’ve never been so excited to be so overwhelmed! Thank you so much for all of the creativity, love and obvious brilliance that you’ve poured into this.

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i love this script and have been eagerly waiting for the official release. put this little improvisation together today. the delay page is so intuitive. i’ve been using an always on live buffer with consistent arps to make the zilchmos something like a tempo-locked gated delay (with a bunch more going on).


just had a run through! hot damnnnnnnnnn… its amazing dude… got my midi fighter twister all sync’d up… its just amazing work… thanks so much for all the work, inspiration, and pure genius! killllllllled it!


found a small discrepancy in the manual…

“hold K1 and turn E2 on distro to adjust pattern length in bars”

it should be E3


I’ve been lurking here for years. I can think of no better way to break my silence but to simply express my gratitude for this gift! :pray:


Woooooot @dan_derks !! So stoked! Thank you!!

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Spent an hour listening to a looped pad running random rate, pan, filter tilt (with high Q, short slew), and delay sends. Wow! :hugs: :exploding_head: Going to work on building a max patch to randomize delay params. Thanks for all the hard work @dan_derks and everyone else who helped!


wowwww already loved the original cheat codes so much, this is amazing!


Damn, I guess it’s time to get a grid!


got me excited enough to read the manual (big deal for me!) and i learned a couple new things:



such amazing attention to detail on this project! congrats


Awesome works. Thanks so much.


So happy to see this! Thanks so much Dan, this is really an achievement. Well done!

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thank you Dan!

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Loads of things have made it into this version 2 after I checked out the last release candidate. I am amazed with how much love for the details you have completed this version as well as the manual. Thanks a lot!


For all the time I put into cheat codes 1, it never quite clicked with me. That’s no fault of anything but my own brain.

Day 1 with cheat codes 2 and we’re moving and grooving in ways I had wanted to be capable of doing for ages. I can’t point to one single thing that ‘makes it’ this time but suddenly now I can really grok it. Fantastic work all around.

I’ve seen a lot of new, mind-blowing scripts lately, and I am deeply thankful for the relentless work and sheer artistry of this community.


dan, i would also like to express my sincere gratitude as many others here have also rightfully done so! i first started using the monome devices about 8 years back and this script was super influential in bringing me back to “monome land”.

instruments and the world around us make sound, but cheat codes lets me treat the sampled sound as the instrument and use the tools it provides to sculpt a sound into endless possibilities. The flow of the script is fluid with intuitive feedback for the user. There have been more than a few times where I’ve been able to figure out button commands without cracking the manual. This might seem small but goes a long way across the insane amount of control available from the grid/arc. Oh, and use the delay page, holy shit that is some fun!

thanks again for sharing your art with the rest of us!


Hey amazing stuff! Automation is not displayed following the start end points of both grid and arc.
Arc automation is not working?

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First of all amazing work on the new version <3 loads of improvements and new goodies

one bug i found was that “alt+rightmost button” didnt work for focus mode. The ALT worked for me but not the small alt.

Besides that some feature request:

  1. A loop view like the old one where you see the 4 lanes in one view (kind of like the old one so no wavelines)
  2. external input for the delay page :slight_smile:

Holy smokes! These docs! Can’t wait to get down on that arp mode/delay. Use found sounds to create percussive layers like I know what I’m doing!

Thanks so much, Dan for this great program and everybody that contributed to the creation of this!


it’s beyond humbling to experience such immense positivity + encouragement on this thread – i’m deeply touched by the kindnesses y’all have shared with me and i really am so excited to see what folks are making with this incarnation of cheat codes :sparkles:

@swhic + @bloc, thank you for those bug reports – i’ve just pushed an update which addresses them!

patch 201119


  • arc LEDs now scale appropriately across all buffers (thank you @swhic!)
  • arc movements now update waveform
  • arc pattern recorder can switch between foci
    • E2 on timing > arc patterns > loop(w) switches between loop(w), loop(s), and loop(e)
  • arc pattern playback can have variable rate
    • after recording an arc pattern, hold K1 on timing > arc patterns to reveal pattern playback rate
    • use E3 while holding K1 to adjust playback rate (1/10th speed to 10x)


  • 1x works on all pads in non-focus mode
  • focus hold unlocks crow pad toggle
    • bright key next to zilchmo 3 when in focus hold mode
    • determines whether a pad execution should send a pulse out of the crow output, if timing > pad pattern > crow pulse is set to pads)
  • fixed some local alt issues (thank you @bloc!)

is hidden, but is already available along with a few other delay-specific things I haven’t yet documented!

under PARAMS > delays > delay input, you’ll find external input settings for each delay line. on-grid controls will be added soon :slight_smile:

that whole delay params section also includes options to save the audio content inside of your delays, which can then be pulled into Clips. you can also load samples into the delays, for super fun collaging experiments.

nb. a saved delay file will have a noticeable click where the loop point is normally softened during the actual performance. i’ll check out some options using the new buffer copying, which includes fades, but just a heads up!

happy to add this to the backlog – are you looking for just an overview of what’s happening? or were you hoping for the original controls on that page as well? any additional detail would be :100: