[cheat codes 2] (rev 220517: LTS6.1)

On Shield here, sometimes I trigger CC2’s K1 alternate menu when I mean to get to the regular norns K1 params menu. I find I need to quickly single-tap, and have no hold time at all.

Would love to hear those blackbirds at some point!


yes! thank you! too heavy fingered.

blackbirds and there is another smaller bird in there too, I was tracking a small orange bird, closest I could get was Blackburnian Warbler, I am no expert.


Yes! It works! Thank you so much. I’ll no doubt get a grid eventually but this opens up a lot of lovely tactile possibilities for the moment. Thanks again.

Edit: For anyone wondering… the difference between my session and the one @philternaut very kindly sent to me was that the clip needed a midi note in it for the corresponding pad i.e. bank a pad 1 was set to C-2 in M4L and needed that note in the clip, bank a pad 2 needed C#-2 etc


@Philternaut, thank you so much for helping on these! i just got home and was about to roll up my sleeves, such a lovely surprise to see everything settled with such kindness :slight_smile:

@fourhoarder, yes! this was explored during beta and was preferable for all the shortcuts a terse k1 hold time offers, but there also needed to be a homebase where it functioned as expected – so, k1 is shorter on all screens except the main page of cheat codes.

you’ll also notice that k1-to-exit is non-existent on the feedback control of the delays.

so, any time you’re stuck, just hit k2 to get back to the main page and k1 will restore to the expected timing :slight_smile:

@sophie, super stoked you got up and running! can’t wait to hear what you make!! personally hoping that cheat codes will have the honor of finding itself in some of your work with Haiku Salut :sparkles:

if you have any time, it’d be awesome to know the difference between your original setup and the template @Philternaut provided. this would help with adding steps to the docs to help others :100:

generally, looking forward to adding some m4l-specific features to this weird lil’ ecosystem (paging @rjonline00). the osc control is quickly becoming my preferred way to mess around.


@dan_derks thank you :pray: Our next album is almost finished, I got norns just in time to add some subtle Cheat Codes and Compass magic.

I’ve edited my post with :point_up_2: with how we solved the problem.


rad! compass is so so good!!

oh! super cool! having individual clips set like this actually resolves my disinterest with using Push to communicate out to cheat codes – the gestures just didn’t feel right all spread out in note mode, but launching clips with single notes that don’t loop and have no quantization is a totally genius approach.

fwiw, you should definitely be able to just play regular MIDI notes using a launchkey or the MIDI note mode of your launchpad. here’s how i have things set up with a regular MIDI keyboard:

if any MIDI note is received, the m4l device will check to see if it’s within 16 chromatic notes of the base listed on the device. if the note’s below, it triggers pad 1. if the note’s above, it triggers pad 16. but it always triggers, so long as a MIDI note is received.

i usually test the MIDI by adding another instrument in afterward:

hope this helps, but really glad you got up and running!
happy to troubleshoot directly, as well, if you want to PM. just lmk!


just wanted to add: i was looking for this for like 5 minutes after not seeing it in the midi section of the documentation. might help someone to leave it in. i deleted the line in startup.lua, so i’m happy now.

in my case, i’m using the nanokontrol2 and manually mapping knobs to start and end, then faders to volume and rate, so i find the manual midi mapping to be very useful. i assume the same thing goes for the 16n faderbank that everyone seems to have.

this is making me consider the midi fighter though. very cool that you added mappings for specific midi devices. thanks for everything you do here. you’re the man

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I had to delete the line entirely, commenting it out threw an error, but it works for me! I was hoping to get 16n control over pad filter tilt and group volume (like the full groups 1, 2 & 3) but I’m not seeing a place to map filter controls. Edit: found bank level

Like @PerVildman said, this is also nudging me toward becoming an MFT owner the same way that CC1 made me pull the trigger on grids.

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Amazing app, @dan_derks! I’m still learning how to it works, but what I’ve heard people is doing with CC sounds fantastic!

Two questions:

  1. How I navigate to PARAMS?

I don’t know how to navigate to that screen.

  1. When I load a sample I see Tehn’s folder among other folders. But I don’t see Andrew’s folder or Zach’s Folder, for example. Is that normal?



re 1: you may be running into what I was having problems with above, with the nested menus (so much choice!) you can get lost. but Dan sorted me with the “just press K2 and then K1” above, you can always get back to Params that way.


Yeah, but when I press K2 I navigate to the main menu (loops, levels, pans, etc.). However I don’t know how to navigate to the menu shown in the picture (loops + buffers, patterns + arps, manual control, etc.).

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hey hey!

@fourhoarder has it right – a quick press of K1 on any screen should get you to the SELECT / SYSTEM / SLEEP menu. then, use E1 to get to the PARAMETERS menu, K3 on EDIT, E2 to scroll down to the menu you need. this general navigation is also outlined here: https://monome.org/docs/norns/play/#pages

if you’re having trouble with that K1 press, you might need to navigate to the main screen of cheat codes (with all the sub-screen options like loops, levels, etc and the > navigator) and press K1 from there.

totally normal – Andrew and Zach’s folders are from my personal norns :slight_smile:

@encephalitislethargi + @coreyr, re: midi, totally understand where you’re coming from + i think the static mapping works well for certain types of sessions. i was dubious of the MFT before it arrived (the encoders are nowhere near as fine as the arc’s) but the re-definable state via helpful customization options makes it a really nice companion controller.

i’m going to spend a little bit of time cleaning up the manual params before revealing them again, but they’ll be back soon :safety_pin:


Finally I’ve found it! Thanks for the help, guys!

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hey ya @dan_derks!
so i ran into a strange issue last night…well…i’m not sure if it’s user error or a strange glitch.

had all three banks running Clips.
sequences running on each pad section.

on bank C (assigned on the third playfield) i cleared the sequence with Alt & the Sequence Rec/Play button.

when i tried to record a new pattern it would go in and out of Play mode.

then things got weirder…i would clear the pattern and it would randomly jump back into play mode adding a few notes to the playfield.

is this a glitch or did i accidentally trigger a function that i am not aware of?

hey spike — hope all’s well.

is this the bottom-left global ALT or the local alt inside the bank area? local alt turns on overdub, which could explain the non-clear funkiness.

otherwise, sounds like a glitch, but it doesn’t sound familiar from any of the testers. if you run into it again, these details would be awesome to collect:

  • do you have any meta patterns running?
  • is this on distro or free? if distro, how many bars?
  • do you have quantization turned on in the params?
  • does the bank’s pattern screen show any indication that a new pattern was playing or being recorded?
  • does k1+k3 on the first line of the bank’s pattern screen clear things when the grid gesture doesn’t?

noizy as always!

it’s the bottom left global Alt.

a bit of info for now…but i will be sure to check all these next time. :slight_smile:

  • do you have any meta patterns running?

  • is this on distro or free? if distro, how many bars?
    Distro with 16 bars

  • do you have quantization turned on in the params?
    i usually do…but i may not have had that turned on last night.

  • does the bank’s pattern screen show any indication that a new pattern was playing or being recorded?
    didn’t have that up at the time.

  • does k1+k3 on the first line of the bank’s pattern screen clear things when the grid gesture doesn’t?
    didn’t try that.

ok…this gives me all sorts of place to check.
i will report back

i am also very quickly learning the hard way that my usual CC habits need to be re-learned with CC2!

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thank you for the additional info! let me know if you’re able to repro any issues and if those tips help :slight_smile:

hopefully a good exercise, lmk if i can help!

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hey @dan_derks !
i’ve been lurking around these forums for quite a while as i try to figure out norns/everything else this amazing place has to offer.

i have a norns shield and a monobright 64 grid-
i found the settings to set the LEDs to monobright and not varibright, but i can’t seem to find anywhere where i can perhaps change the layout to work on a 64 grid.

in the first post in this topic you mentioned that its made for 128 grid, all editions. wasn’t sure if that meant all editions of the 128 grid or all editions of the grid in general, but best on the 128 grid. my apologies if i’m missing something- love all of your work!

if there isn’t currently support for 64 grid, is that something that may happen in the future? much appreciated! hope to play around with your script


Hi again. Yesterday I tried saving my loops in ‘collections’. It did save the loops(save new collection), but when I loaded the collection again, the wavefiles came up, but with no sound in them :frowning: Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

@PerVildman Did you use live input? If so you need to save the live buffer (click yes to collect live buffer)

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