[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

hi! thank you so much for this wonderful script i’m exploring more and more <3
can you please help me using cc2 to sequence one of the tracks on my analog rytm?
AR is being correctly seen by norns, under midi devices. i did make sure to enable “receive midi notes” and receive midi clock and transport on ar, but only clock from norns work! i did check to receive from usb.
i did set bank c to send midi notes in the parameters menu, i can see AR in the main cc2 menu, but… still can’t send notes. what can i check?
and why do transport not work but clock do?
thank you so much again

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@MUNINN + @DegradedEcho , so glad y’all are digging in! :slight_smile:

both of your questions actually have answers under PARAMETERS > meta > transport settings!

to send transport + clock from cheat codes (cc2) to external MIDI device(s)

  • connect the MIDI device to norns + launch cc2
  • set cc2’s PARAMETERS > CLOCK to internal
  • under meta > transport settings you’ll find a send MIDI transport? matrix for all connected devices – toggle the device(s) you’d like cc2 to send transport messages to
    • make sure that this same device is not also toggled on under receive MIDI transport?, as it’ll feedback
  • under send MIDI clock?, toggle the destination(s) you wish to mult the norns clock out to
  • on the main cc2 performance page, hold K2 to reveal the transport and press K3 to toggle it on/off – cc2’s transport and clock will mult out to the specified devices

@MUNINN , did you resolve your midi note issues? if not, can you please share your settings under PARAMETERS > pad to note setup for the specific bank you’re attempting to send on? lemme know if you run into further trouble!


Sounds like you are on the path now! are you daw-less in you setup at the moment? Im using ableton and I have my shield on a send channel. As long as I don’t fat thumb the record buttons on Cheat codes all is good.
Happy exploring!


Thank you for your fast answer!
Now transport work flawlessly.
Even midi motes work, i did have to change the octave! Works best with -3, -4. Still i have some funky notes here and there and sometimes cc2 triggers other midi channels on my analog rytm but seems fine.
Thank you so much again for this wonderful script, i’m creating a live setup where norns is the brain and cc2 is the most flexible out there. Thank you thank you!

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hi Dan, I’m trying to sequence cc2 with opz (working beautifully with 0 setup) and also clock op1 from opz by passing the clock through shield. If I set cc2 clock to internal will that not usurp opz? I want opz leading, sequencing cc2 and transport controlling op1 tape :spider_web:

Matthew, I’m currently dawless but in the process of a ‘ritual of organisation’ :spider: in which I sort out my laptop/interface to record and prepare/resample sounds to work with in shield. Rarely having organised/archived my sounds (synthesising live instead) I am enjoying compiling/building (like a yugioh deck!) a library of sounds and resampling gives the process an enjoyable plasticity where source is quickly obscured :cricket:

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ah gotcha!

you should be able to just skip right to the send MIDI clock? multing section and toggle on the op1 without the other steps, then :slight_smile:

alternatively, you could try installing the passthrough script and that should let you just send the op-z clock straight through as well – cheat codes will automatically check to see if passthrough is installed and will just auto-initialize it!

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Fabulous! I suspected shield could handle this but just couldn’t quite get there, thanks so much! It’s a lovely instrument cc2 and shield!

Is there a way to quickly audition samples for clips when selecting?


raaaaad, so so stoked you’re enjoying it!! thank you for the kind words – i also really love the way you describe your process :revolving_hearts:

there’s no built-in preview function but the next best suggestion is to nav over to PARAMETERS > loops + buffers > clips and spin E3 on any of the clip slots that have a loaded sample – norns automatically cycles through the other files in the same parent folder :slight_smile:

if you then hit a pad assigned to that clip slot (ideally one with start/end points set to the full range of the loop), what it plays back will change :cyclone:

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Perfect solution yes! play the preview! :bat: The opz implementation is so choice!


Yesterday I was playing around with CC2, playing loads of different sounds, from my ipad, into the live buffer, looking/listening for inspiration.
Do all these sounds get stored on the norns somewhere? I’m worried that it’ll be full very quickly if I continue experimenting like this…

You’ll need to save the live buffer together with your current project. Collections in the params meny has an option for ‘save live buffer’.
You’ll then find the stored samples/buffers in the folder meny on your norns, under audio


OK, thanks. So you mean that unless I actively select “save live buffer”, then each time I “record” into cc2 it’s not automatically saving all these files? Or should I say, if I don’t “save live buffer” in collections, then it discards everything I’ve recorded in?
Just to clarify - I don’t want it to be saving everything.
Also, is there a way to clear the live buffer, other than just pressing record and leaving it to go around with no input?
Thanks @DuellingAnts !

yes, that is correct. unless you save the live buffer it will be gone once you power off norns.

clear live buffer:
-with a grid connected you can hit alt (bottom left button) + L1/L2/L3 (the rec buttons for each live buffer, next to the alt button)
-without grid i think it’s hold k1 + k2 in the local layer view on the L-page?


Great. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a grid, so I’ll try that.

Had so much fun yesterday, watching @dan_derks CC workshop again, exploring the arp and delay modes. Such an inspiring script!


Greetings Mr. @dan_derks !
Soooooo after coming late to the ableton expression control device “party”

I was curious if you have considered some kind of ‘faux’ MPE MIDI support for old yeller 2.0? I Would love to map a midi knob to glide or another MPE target and play the grid with one hand and move a knob with the other. Just kind of thinking out loud and hope all is good in the hood!

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Been trying to figure out how to use a 24ppqn clock into crow with a gate high reset into CC2 and controlling transport, I’ve set up what I think are the relevant settings in PARAMS, but still don’t see any interaction with the external signals in CC2. I saw elsewhere in the thread that it used to be that Link was the only way to reliably clock CC2 externally, but I also saw that there was an update to the clocking system, can anyone shed some light on the state of external clocking in CC2?

I must be missing something but I can’t pattern record? I’m unable to arm recording, when I press k3 on rec mode, recording fails to start. What have I missed?

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Might be because transport is not on?

on the main screen, hold K2 – you should see numbers advancing in the top-right if transport is on. if not, press K3 while holding K2.

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That’s not it sadly. Transport is on. Any other ideas? I’ve wondered around inside Norns as much as I can think to and tried updating cc2.

sorry to hear about the snag!

are you using a grid? or just norns?

if using a grid with cc2, the pattern rec/play button is located at the top of the zilchmo (the right angle shape on the right of each bank) — the k3 on the pattern screen might not be configured to work when a grid is present (it’s there for the MIDI keyboard crowd).