[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

Get well soon @dan_derks
Sounds like you’re in safe and caring hands

I was terrified to read what happened. Glad you are recovering. Get well soon @dan_derks ! I have just finished your music hackspace workshop pt 1, and really enjoyed it, now doing part 2. I am obviously now rather addressing community members with my question, hope someone could help. I am using a Launchpad mini mk2, with the 64 grid setting. A very weird phenomena occurs: almost everything seems to work fine, all pads and controls, except the bottom 2 rows of pads. So, pads 13-16 are not playing their respective audio slices and neither the last 2 rows of the zilchmo controls (panning and sped/loop-point). Do you guys have a possible answer on this? CC and the norns are all updated.

EDIT: nevermind, found the part in midigrid code that had to be adjusted. Now it works perfect. If anyone else has this problem: In the midigrid.lua I had to change if (note >= 0 and note <= 88) to if (note >= 0 and note <= 120).


I just let my norns do its latest update.

Now CC2 throws “error init”.
As do several other installed projects (but not all).
Is anybody else seeing this?

Quick update:
Fresh flash install fixed it but haven’t let Norns do it’s own update yet…

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See discussion in this thread for details:

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hello! been a minute since i engaged with cheat codes but i’m finally jumping back in. is there a way to map arp rates to a midi controller? i went through all the menus but couldn’t find anything. if it’s as simple as needing to expose those values to the params, i can probably hack it together.

personal stuff

after spending the previous four weeks in two different hospitals, i came home to complete the rest of my recovery on Saturday. it’s incredible to feel a completely different type of healing open up to me – so much of my rehab work had been learning how to approach the challenges of home in a vacuum (eg. running a daily gauntlet of stairs without putting any weight on my right leg) without being able to replicate or even hint at how much strength could be derived from the simple act of arriving there.

i’m so fucking lucky to be learning how to safely accommodate this period of limited mobility rather than learning how to live without walking for the rest of my life. in the hospital, i could feel this gratitude through direct observation of / comparison with others. but at home, it hits different – i can begin to feel gratitude for the event itself and the injuries i’ve sustained (a bit of recoverable brain trauma and 5x broken pelvis now held together by three 3-6+" screws). i can feel the shedding of a life which was perfectly lovely but was ultimately bound up by small fears and bargains. and today, i’m sitting on our couch, sharing this with people who have been very kind to me while i couldn’t sleep due to spasming + intense pain and who keep checking in, reminding me that what we’re doing here together isn’t just measured by public kindnesses. it’s moments stolen away from a day to check in on a person who could be a stranger that so many of you have given a bit of space in your thoughts. thank you thank you thank you, every single day was made easier because of this.


rev 220209: LTS 5

  • new: PARAMS menu item for controlling a bank’s arp rate, which opens up ability to MIDI map a bank’s arp rate (unless your pads have individual rates, which will override this)
    • see PARAMS > timing + patterns + arps > arps > arp x rate
    • @anxietymachine, this should hit the vibe but lmk!
  • new: PARAMS menu for euclidean sequencers
    • see PARAMS > euclid
    • also adds a mute for each euclid lane, to selectively silence each
    • @mcpepe , not quite the grid-centric addition you asked for, but a faderbank would make a lovely lil’ companion to this :slight_smile:
  • fix: if a bank had unique arp timing per pad, reloading the collection wouldn’t restore this setting in the UI

so glad to hear you are home again!
still sending good energy!


Amazing that you have come to understand what I am sure was not a fun experience as something g that has added value to your life. That is a spiritually mature outlook that any of us would be blessed to have. And you keep adding value to all our lives by continuing to pour love into this project even amidst the hardships. Thank you!


Dan - SO glad to hear you are home!
Was thinking about you all afternoon as I re-re-re-rewatched your music hackspace videos.
I glean new info every time I watch and so enjoy your code, your videos, and this entire space.

cheers to you and all the “cheaters” out there :sweat_smile:



sending positive energy your way, hope recovery is going well.

thanks for making that little change, i’ll try it later and it should work how i was picturing - the idea was to map faders to the arp rate per bank to have a gesture tied to melodies speeding up and slowing down.

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Congrats for being back home and hope the rehab goes smooth with the help of the loved ones.
Many people here took care of the vacant space waiting for your arrival, your name kept popping up in every corner of this place with only the nicests words for you. You must be doing something right :slight_smile:


I am not sure the secret sauce that lines has found, but this is the most human online space I have experienced. I help lead a faith community in Pasadena, and there is something of that spirit here on lines. A kind of generous mutuality and curiosity for one another. Something like a life-altering accident can pressurize a community into unfiltered reactions. Lines folks have shown themselves unique in instinctual kindness, and my wager is that @tehn @dan_derks and the crew have cultivated that spirit well and like any true gift, generosity abounds and overflows back to the source. Blessings on your healing Dan.


Wow man. Amazing to read this as you’ve been in my thoughts.
What a journey you are on.


glad you’re back home dude. keep at it! we’re all here to cheer you on, and for sure sending you good thoughts.


Sending you lots of love and good energies for the tough moments.

You continue to be an inspiration even in challenging times like the ones you’ve been/are going through.

Speedy recovery and thanks for the reminder to keep counting our (many, often overlooked) blessings :pray:

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very glad to hear that you are home.

Take the time that your body needs to heal and adapt, your outlook is already in good alignment with this, there is no such thing as “wasted time” and you seem very adept at finding the best possibilities out of limitations

all the very best.

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Welp… Seems this is my covid recovery station!
Feeling fine. Just head coldy. And GREAT excuse to spend more time with CC2!
Cheers all


Happy to see you are recovering well. Great attitude! :sparkling_heart:
And thanks for your continous work, even in this hard times. The new euclidean params are very welcome.

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Fucking hell – just learned about your accident. Happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. Get well soon!

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So great to see you are home and on the mend!

Woot Woot!!!

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