[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)


i think i need a bit of clarification. :slight_smile:

i’m always using the MIDI transport controls and always on MIDI clock.

are the patterns supposed to randomly start playing again on their own even when i have stopped the master MIDI clock for everything?

and just revisiting (or i’m just being a squeaky wheel) an old request. :stuck_out_tongue:

would it be possible to have CC2 randomly choose what bank it is recording to on it’s own?
i really have run into a crazy time trying to feed nine banks of CC2 simultaneously.

hey Spike! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

no, but I could use some additional repro steps – feel free to DM! it’d be helpful to know:

  • what are your pattern settings?
  • is PARAMS > transport > auto-start pat *x* on or off?
  • under PARAMS > receive MIDI transport, you’re receiving MIDI transport from the same device which is sending MIDI clock? are you receive MIDI transport from any others?
  • what about under PARAMS > send MIDI transport?
  • does the cheat codes transport also start when these phantom pattern starts occur?

oh man, i almost forgot about your three simul-sessions lol

rnd will include a live segment switcher, just need to get through this UI tweak sprint :sparkles:

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i’m working on setting up my 16n as a way to control performative parameters. maybe i’m being dense, but i can’t seem to find a way to map arp speed to a midi controller. is that surfaced somewhere? thought i was pretty thorough looking through the param mapping. my idea is to break out each bank into a set of 4 faders to control just friends, and use the last 4 as CV or global params. so far, i have octave mapped to the first of each set, then i’d like to get arp rate, and probably direction, once i can figure out where those params are hiding. anyone have any suggestions for the last one per bank?

good call! i can add these to params:

  • arp rate
  • arp direction
  • all the euclid settings

hang tight! should be able to push 'em out in the next day or two :slight_smile:


I got cheat codes 2 working with Push 2 and it works great. I’m loving this script but I’m a noob to it. Is there a way I can make the push light up with visual feedback? Every button works as it should but no lights on the push.

hey hey! hope all’s well :slight_smile: stoked to hear you’re digging in!

are you using Midigrid: use launchpads and other midi grid controllers with Norns to communicate between the script and your Push 2? that’s the only way to get visual feedback – it’ll replicate the 64 grid on the Push 2.

if you are already using this, does the Push 2 light up with other scripts?

happy to help with more info!

Yes I got midigrid installed and it lights up with Awake, arcologies, initenere, and I’m still going through other scripts to see what works. Most scripts work but some have no visual feedback. I have it set to 4-step and 64 grid but I have tried varibrightand grayscale and those don’t light up either. Thank you for this script and helping out.

hmm. i’m not able to repro any issues on my side:

  • i deleted my old midigrid lib via maiden
  • i installed the latest by executing ;install https://github.com/jaggednz/midigrid in the maiden REPL
  • i plug Push into norns (running of its own power bank)

then… (click the arrow below)

i restart cheat codes and after all the `including` stuff i see:
Default 64 layout init
vgrid init with layout: 64
core midi devices
1	table: 0x474750
4	table: 0x5b0648
5	table: 0x5b0878
finding device: 1 with name virtual
finding device: 4 with name Ableton Push 2 1
Dev4 FD push2
finding device: 5 with name Ableton Push 2 2
4	push2
Loading midi device type:push2 on midi port 4
including /home/we/dust/code/midigrid/lib/devices/push2.lua
including /home/we/dust/code/midigrid/lib/devices/generic_device.lua
loading push
Connected devices:
4	table: 0x475280
attaching devices:
4	table: 0x475280

then i navigate to PARAMETERS > EDIT > GRID and i toggle midigrid? to yes and my Push automatically lights up. if it doesn’t a quick restart of the script (your midigrid settings will persist) should get it going.

let me know how it goes!

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Dude! You’re so awesome! Thank you for everything. I’ll have a grid once they are back in stock too but in the meantime I really appreciate it and you. Amazing script and I’m looking forward to any future scripts you create!

thank you for the kind words! you got up and running, then?

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Yes sir!


oddly this isn’t working…though i’m able to take the input of crow and assign macros the outputs don’t show any activity:/

Hi Dan - I think I may have a couple of bugs, or something I don’t understand. I keep running into circumstances when I cannot stop a pattern playing.

I’m using Ableton Link to run the Norns clock. I’ve got the record mode set to Bar 1; and the parameters set to quantise for that pattern.

  • I record a pattern. First bug: It automatically starts playing back after a bar, but hasn’t actually caught all the steps - I might play four or five, but it only play back three. If I restart the pattern, it will play the full sequence.

  • Second bug. There is no way to stop the pattern from playing. I press stop on Ableton, it doesn’t stop, even though I have X.X on the metronome. I press stop on the Grid (top of the zilch, it pauses, the light dims, but it starts up again. The same happens if I press Stop on the Norns itself (K1 on the timings screen). On the transport screen on Norns, it says 'K3: Play, as if it isn’t playing)

It seems like there is an internal pattern clock/loop that isn’t being turned off somewhere? I had this last night, and today as well.

I have a Norns shield, Grid, plus Midi Fighter Twister connected.


hey hey! sorry for the trouble! it’s likely a bug – I’m testing some stuff out after @SPIKE mentioned some ghost patterns.

for the first issue, i’d recommend turning off quantization – additive arps with retrig turned off is really the “tightest” timing mode, because you can program individual steps and rests. euclid, as well. i’m going to be doing a pattern record rewrite soon, hang tight + thank you for the report!


just for posterity, pattern rewrite will include:

  • separation of down + up events, to finally open up “momentary” loop playback
  • a step sequencer which can be recorded into (or just step-programmed)
  • arps can be engaged while a pattern is playing back, so that held pads in the pattern will feed in — they can also be disengaged, which might be a fun performance move
  • other stuff! will edit this post as i work

Thanks Dan, appreciated. Cheat Codes is still amazing; got my Midi Fighter Twister specifically for it…

Edit: Our posts crossed - that sounds fantastic!

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Hey people,
I don’t know if you ever experienced this:

sometimes when I switch from the CC2 UI page to the parameters page pressing K1 and turning E1, i’m able to jump to the parameters page normally, but when I try to turn E3 to scroll through parameters I get stuck (something like, there is a visual scattering feedback, but the screen it is actually stuck on a certain index) and if I press K2 the page goes automatically to the Norns Pset page like I already decided to save a preset (i can see *Save, waiting for my confirmation) I have to press K2, then K1 and use E1 again to go back to the param page and everything goes fluid eventually.
I’m not able to say in which case this problem occurs, but it happens always at least a couple of times while I’m using CC2 .
It’s not a big issue, at the moment I’ve been able to not save nothing accidentally eheh!

Curious if you ever experienced this :slight_smile:


I’ve also had this happen a couple times but couldn’t exactly put it into words.

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you might actually be closest to identifying the right combo of gestures to cause this! lol

from february:

still don’t have a clear way to cause it when i want to (and personally haven’t run into it much in the last month), so any help nailing down a solid repro case would be super appreciated :sparkles:

  • does it happen from the [loops] screen most for you? or another?
  • out of curiosity, what are you heading to PARAMETERS to change?

Ahahah might be the “beginner combo” (the one you can never reproduce!)
Let’s see if I’ll be able to catch it in the next days!

Edit: oh I didn’t read the questions:

  1. Probably the loop screen, yes.
  2. I don’t know if I can answer about which parameter, as I get stuck as soon as I jump on the parameters page I guess? Let’s see, I’ll be able to answer better about it as soon as I experience it again :slight_smile:
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