[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

Dan - LURV CC2!
minor request - can you provide documentation with B/W inverted?
Just makes printing a bit more legible and doesn’t blow through all my toner!
many thanks!

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@faneuil @hypnosapien + @Cubeinthebox have heroically provided these, now linked up top!


thanks - I should have looked harder! my bad.
cheers man! keep up the most VERY excellent work

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hey thanks for checking back in. negative on both:/

Hi guys, I’m sure it’s in here somewhere but I can;t quite find it. Whats the steps for getting cheatcodes to speak to my LPmini mk3?

hey hey! hope you’re having a rad weekend :slight_smile:

just install midigrid, then follow these steps:

lmk if you run into any trouble!


Perfect, thanks Dan it’s worked perfectly and cheers to the next few hours I lose getting to know this beast!!

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I was away from CC for awhile. Finding the transition to CC2 mind blowing and a wee bit daunting - I need a refresher on buttonology. Looking for Dan’s tutorial vids. Where is the best place? YouTube? Vimeo?
Thanks all!


I would suggest you these two workshops from Dan:


I was about to post these links hehe…

I highly recommend these workshops too!!


Also these videos from @DuellingAnts :


Perfect! AND glad he monetized and is getting some cash love for all his hard work!

just to clarify: to keep the course accessible to those with tighter financial situations, i chose not to receive compensation (for the live session nor video distro). the £7.90 covers Music Hackspace’s operating costs :slight_smile:

(wooooo post # 666!!! :smiling_imp: )


holy cow. You are truly the e-buddha of looping.
cheers man

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Hi there… I popped this issue I am having up on the midigrid thread but haven’t had any replies so I thought it may be better off here…

Just a bug report… Using cheat codes 2 with midigrid to enable a LP mini mk2…

In the 16 step sequence buttons (in 64 pad mode) the top row work as intended… Ie press step one and it alters from green to orange, reverting to green on release…

However on pad 5 (row two step one) I get an orange light response on unpressed pad 12 (row three pad four).

Similarly pressing step 6 triggers pad 13 and so on for that whole row…
The row below works as normal and the last row works up until the final step, step 16 which doesn’t light when pressed at all.

I’d also say that some button lights “seem” a little slow… Especially the page switch, but I could be wrong…



hey phil! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

i think @JaggedNZ ended up answering your questions before they were asked:

since this isn’t happening / reproducible on a standard monome grid, i’m assuming there’s just some LED misfires or differences between generations of launchpads. it sounds like the upcoming midigrid update will help solve those troubles!

“slowness” seems like it’d be LED-centric (eg. launchpad LED refresh not happening quickly enough), so this might also get improved with the midigrid update or the 'net suggests you might need to update your launchpad’s firmware. either way, this isn’t reproducible with later-gen launchpads (i use an X) and monome grids.

lmk if you have any other q’s / troubles!

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progress report 210403

fell into a funny little dev trap of adding what seemed like a minor lift and instead exploded into a more involved thing. but, almost out, just need to stress test and ensure backwards compatibility with existing collections :slight_smile:

here’s what we’re looking at for the next update:

  • a navigability overhaul, starting with [levels] and [pans]. each of these screens have simplified nav:
    • E1: switch bank
    • E2: switch param
    • E3: modify param
  • LFO’s for [pans], [levels], and [macros] (<~~ which pass movement to a ton of linked parameters) (ty @Justmat for the very clean and flexible hnds, which i hacked apart for this franken-feature)
    • for [pans], you begin by specifying a bank-wide LFO, which can then be tweaked per-pad. can get into some nice leslie territory pretty quickly.
    • for [levels], LFOs operate on each bank’s “global” volume, which means you can stack a looping envelope per-pad, which will then cohesively fade in and out depending on your LFO settings
    • for [macros], LFOs can further be shaped by each parameter’s min, min and curve settings
    • here’s a clip from an exploration of all three. pans has an LFO, levels has envelope + LFO, a single macro is passing a processed LFO to a loop’s rate, end delta, start position, and filter cutoff:
  • Mx.Samples!!! feeds right into the live buffer, so a bank can chop while playing. i’ve also widened the scope of the “crow pulse” toggle on the grid’s pad focus mode to control whether a pad will send a note to any of it’s external destinations – so, you can easily say “i only want pads 3, 7, and 15 to send note events to Mx.Samples / a connected MIDI synth / JF / whatever”, so you can jam away on the recording without sending a ton of note values out (@MatthewAshmore, this one’s for you!)

new pans UI preview:

nearing release, likely next weekend. i’ll be hitting some of you up for testing :sweat_smile:


@dan_derks suuuper dope! also had the idea of probability per pad while a sequence is playing, idk how hard that might be to implement though

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Woot wooooot!!! Looking forward amigo!!

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Thanks… I am such a noob that I read that and I didn’t understand that it related to me… Gorha, thanks for taking the time to get me up to speed.

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