[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

I think there is grid control of the delay filters but I can’t seem to find where there is some info on it. Can anyone help me look it up please?

hey joe! there’s no grid control over delay filters. for external control, you can use MIDI via PARAMS > delays > delay filters L and R :slight_smile:


Hello again! I hope all is good! I am using cc2 now with the touchosc template you linked me, and looping things and playing with delay, speed and reversing is already amazing! I am now trying to figure out how to record patterns.

In the link you sent me you see that in the touchosc template the rec pattern button is just a placeholder, and does not actually trigger pattern recording. Also, I am unable to trigger it from the timing page using the K3 switch on the norns as per instruction.

Would you have an existing fix for this I might have overlooked? Thanks!!!

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so glad to hear it all worked out and you got started exploring!

pattern recording is not available through OSC at the moment. i’m hoping it will be part of some coming pattern work, but for now those messages are not captured by the recorders. only USB MIDI and grid. stay tuned!

Is there any way to trigger recording from the norns itself?

for MIDI patterns? yes, K3 on the timing page should be activated when a MIDI keyboard is configured for pad control :slight_smile:

also, unsure if you’ve seen it, but a lot of launchpad generations actually get native support as grids with midigrid – they can also be used in conjunction with the touchosc interface! definitely a nice combo for lots of control

Hey @dan_derks
is there a way to use the arp without timing (1/2, 1/4 note etc.)?
I think that it could be nice if the length of the pad determines the length/step of the „arp note“.

hey hey! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

hmm. arps are fundamentally clocked. there might be an approachable way to “guess” how long a pad’s length is, but it’d always be necessarily quantized. sounds like you want something totally unquantized, though.

is the desire to just chain together pads so that they follow each other in a way that free pattern recording doesn’t get you to?

(i’m fishing for alternate solutions to the problem you’re trying to solve because softcut doesn’t currently have a “loop end callback”, so a watcher would have to be implemented script-side and that could get a little wonky.)

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Yes it should be unquantized. The pattern recorder is a way of doing this but it’s not easy to press the next pad exactly when the pad reaches the end. Especially without looking on the screen. So yes my idea was to e.g. press arp and three Pads with different length and they play each once from start to end.

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mmm gotcha. thanks for the additional info! it’s a dope idea, for sure. i’ll keep it in mind for revisions!

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The steps you gave fixed the issue. Thank you so much!

Hi Dan, back again with another question! Is there a way to hear audio thru cheatcodes? I’ve got my organelle plugged directly into it for sampling and I need to hear what I’m playing. Cheers!

hey hey!

for sure! this is just a general norns setting – check out the mon info here: play | monome/docs

lmk if you run into any other q’s! :sparkles:

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Hi, just wanted to feedback regarding the solution to the wrong rows leds lighting up on. My lp mini mk2… I did as suggested and updated my midigrid and cheat codes 2 files… But the issue persisted…

But on a deep dive of the menus I realised that in EDIT-PAD TO NOTE SETUP- midi output? I had yes selected… I changed this to NO and lo and behold… All leds are now In the correct place


woah, weiiiird. thank you for following up!

was your launchpad identified as the destination device of the pad to note setup? there’s logic in the script to only send midi data to the destinations specified, but curious to learn more! if you can DM me a video of the exact behavior you were experiencing, that’d be :100:

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quick question about collections!

i’m trying to build out a default collection that loads with the settings i change every time i start up - should timing/rec mode (loose, bars, etcs) be saved per collection? or should i save a PSET?

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hey hey!

in short, not with cheat codes. please always use collections.

the save default collection function will freeze your cheat codes session as is and it’ll load the exact same way every time you open the script, until you delete the default collection :slight_smile:

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okay, that’s what i thought! it looks like its not saving my timing settings and i have to change it from loose to bars: 4 every time i load the default.


ah, good bug find! will fix in the next release!


Hi Dan, another addendum to my above post… That particular button behaviour is actually from accidentally having the midi to opz mode on, not the midi to grid as I had initially thought… Video incoming to you va dm.