[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

Sorry, this is an issue with midigrid, looks like there is a bug in the apc mini device code.
I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to look at this, but if you have any coding skills it might be a simple fix in the apc mini device file.

It might be a typo, or it might not have been “upgraded” correctly during the last big overhaul. I don’t have an apc mini to test with.


no problem, thanks for your reply!
unfortunately i have zero coding skills, and won’t be able to find the error myself. let me know if you get a chance to look into this sometime, i am happy to test things for you with my apc mini.

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Thanks for the tip, sounds incredible :+1:

As a PS…

I’ve tried similar settings on rnd , but can not get the arp to work. I using a Norns with grid and synced via wifi to Ableton (set to link) . Im a bit of a novice with Norns, but can get the main features in CC2 working but there are so many parameters I struggling with the more detailed sound control. But with this forum and quite a bit of practice , I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this awesome little unit. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.


hi hi! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

you mean the arp won’t engage? that happens if the transport is not on (the lil metronome icon on the main screen). press and hold k2 and press k3 to start it!

if you’re looking for cc2 learning resources, there’s about 2 hours of walkthrough video and pdfs at Learn monome norns - Music Hackspace

lmk if i can help with anything else!

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Thanks Dan, i think ill get both the CC2 courses and hopefully ill be a bit more clued up after that.

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rev 210714: long term support (phase 2)

requires norns update 210706+

small fixes (thank you @sir-vector for the thorough reporting + repro cases!!) which improve some of the live recording + zilchmo techniques. this update also builds on @CarlosUnch 's fantastic TouchOSC contributions to parallel the previously-grid-only functionality for pattern recording + arps.

TouchOSC stuff

requires this updated TouchOSC template (for TouchOSC mk1)

  • you can now use pattern recording + arps via TouchOSC!
  • patterns:
    • press ‘pat’ to begin recording a pattern (both loose and bars modes work!)
    • play a pattern with the pads
    • press ‘pat’ to loop the recording
    • while looping, press ‘pat’ to stop it / while stopped, press ‘pat’ to play it
    • ‘ALT’ + ‘pat’ to clear the pattern
  • arps:
    • press ‘arp’ to arm the arpeggiator
    • hold some pads
    • press ‘arp’ while pads are held to latch them
    • while arpin’, press ‘arp’ to stop arpin’ / while stopped, press ‘arp’ to restart the arp pattern you stopped
    • ‘ALT’ + ‘arp’ to clear the arp pattern
  • added “TouchOSC echo” parameter to toggle on sending start / end, level, pan and loop data back to TouchOSC

loop stuff

  • removed accidental loop offset which would, over time, nudge a continuous loop out of time with a metronome
  • fixed min/max zilchmo bug for live buffers
  • improved live rec buffer erase accuracy
  • better indication of time for pads assigned to 16 or 32 second live loops

nav stuff

  • K3 on [arp] page now behaves as expected
    • press K3 to engage arp (... illuminates for engaged arp)
    • hold pads
    • press K3 while pads are held to latch 'em
    • press K3 while the arp plays to pause it
    • hold K2 and press K3 to clear the arp and disengage it


  • more immediate internal clock transport start
  • improved the main screen metronome graphic to tick left on 1 + 3, right on 2 + 4

sorry, just rounding back – this seems like an HID-to-MIDI-note script, but the bones could be co-opted to execute callbacks for any of the mappable control parameters. check out keyboard | monome/docs and midi | monome/docs for further details + lemme know if i can help with further guidance!

Thank you so much Dan. You just made my day with this. Cannot wait to fire this up tonight


Wow. Amazing update. Looking forward to giving it a spin


Thanks a lot @dan_derks!


Ahhh this is perfect. No need to change to encoders now :slight_smile:
ARPs on OSC was unexpected too! Thank you so much for giving love to OSC, Dan.



I successfully MIDI mapped my Deluge using the OPZ Midi template. Good :grinning:.
It’s there a way to map a few more controls?.
I would like to map Pattern start from the Timing page (now I start/stop patterns pressing K1 in the Timing page), so I could press one midi note to start Pattern1, another midi note to start Pattern2,…How can I do it?

I have been trying to do it in EDIT - Parameters - Mappable controls, but I was not able to MIDI Map anything.

@dan_derks Hey! I’m just going through the Music Hackspace workshop again, trying to get a bit more info to stick to my slippery brain. In the “collections” menu (in the workshop) there’s an option to “save new collection”, but on my shield it just says “save” and when I hit K3 nothing seems to happen…

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hey @ampism! Just a quick thought; Are you sure you’re on params - edit - collections and not params - pset ?

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Ah! That’s it! Thanks @DuellingAnts . All sorted @dan_derks
A thousand thank yous!

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Is it possible to rotate arc (orientation)?

hiya! seeking some help, seems i’m having a problem i’ve never run into before. when i try to load up cc2 on my norns shield it comes up as error: load fail. none of the other scripts have ever done that for me. i’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the script and rebooting norns a couple times with no success. any pointers greatly appreciated!

hi ben! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

can you share the errors that print to maiden as you boot? the only known issue would be if you are loading cheat codes with midigrid and a launchpad plugged in without having first enabled midigrid in the script’s GRID parameters ahead of time.

the grid rotation just makes use of the rotation parameter baked into the generic norns grid library, which is not currently mirrored in the norns arc library.

yes, these parameters mappings (norns-wide) only respond to MIDI CC’s. a midi note can’t be mapped via the same mapping functionality. i’ll try to surface some mechanism for this “pattern launch via MIDI” use case in a future update though! :slight_smile:


Thank you! You are very kind.

hey dan! thanks for the quick reply. i’m doing good, same to you! here’s a screenshot. i’m using a standard 128 grid so i’m not sure if it’s one of the known issues? many thanks for your help!