[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

@lleicamun , lmk how you get on with the random arps! i’d also encourage:

  • euclid in span mode with auto rotate and auto offset enabled
  • trying different parameters for random patterns (under PARAMS > patterns + arps)
  • if you aren’t precious about your pad positions, using the random window function in zilchmo 4 while an arp is going

@SMesquida , are you hoping to do it in some way besides an audio cable? there are no additional protocols that I can think of, but happy to help advise with more info!


Could you not just route through your interface? I just use my headphones out from my RME Babyface to send audio into Norns and then make sure the input from my Norns isn’t sent to the headphone mix.


I use an external mixer for this…


You certainly can. I use ableton and an old presonus mobile mixer as an interface.

I Set up a send channel and send what I choose to the norns by using the headphone output of the presonus.

Edit. I’m happy to help if I can. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know what gear you have and all that jazz. :wink:


Thanks for your replies, guys!

(Yeah, I hoped it was possible without an audio cable.)

I have an Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB interface. I can figure out how to do it if I’m playing, for example, my guitar. But if I’m using my modular I have an ES-9 interface. I don’t know how to route audio from Ableton into Norns in this situation, without UA interface… Could someone help me?

I’m sure someone more familiar with your gear can give better help than me. I’d have to look up the es-9 and refresh myself. Can’t remember if it does usb audio or not and some other send/return specs.

Edit. After a quick glance can you setup what set the main 1/4 outs and headphone outs are on the sleepers module?

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Main 1/4 outs to speakers and headphone out to Norns? You say that? I didn’t think about it…

Thx a lot for these tips! i’ll definitely going to try them, i have to wrap my head around CC2 to tame it, still…
much love!

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I don’t know what I’ve done but now when I trigger a sample doesn’t produce any sound unless on board Norns reverb is turned on. Could someone tell me how to restore previous state?

weiiiiird. sounds like softcut’s cut level on the LEVELS page got turned down? there’s a separate reverb send level for softcut under PARAMETERS > REVERB, so likely that’s turned up which might be why you’re only hearing softcut through it. lmk!

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I’m not understanding what could be the problem.

I think I only have changed parameters in PARAMETERS > REVERB. Here is where I’ve turned on/off onboard reverb.

hmm. on this screen, is your cut level up?

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Yes, cut level is up

just closing the loop after a quick Zoom call: somehow the actual softcut level and the softcut level being displayed on norns weren’t matched. after a quick wiggle of the softcut level under PARAMETERS > LEVELS > softcut, it all worked out!

thanks @SMesquida for hoppin’ on video to walk through :slight_smile:


My pleasure! Thank you very much!


I can’t seem to get touchosc to work properly. I am using the most recent update of cc2 and the latest template on touchosc. Norns is receiving all the input but I am getting no feedback on the ipad.

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hey hey! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

unfortunately, a current limitation. some additional convo from above:

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hey @dan_derks hope you’re well! wondering something about the delay page which is an absolute cacophonous playground of possibilities. i know you can create presets of delay parameters but is it possible to record cycling through those presets as you would a buffer?

ahh also can the rnd page affect the live input?

EDIT: wowowow the filters on the delay page are such a nice touch, i’ve got my 16n mapped to q, cut, and a few other delay params and it’s so lush. I’ll post something soon…

RE: slight embellishments

yet again @dan_derks my deepest gratitude

EDIT 2: wondering if anyone else is experiencing this with their crow - output 4 is supposed to either transport pulse or transport gate yet i’m getting neither of those. oddly enough output 1 is outputting a negative saw wave that seems to be triggered by inputs 1-2


Additive mode for arps, absolutely killer in conjunction with auto rotate! Love it!
Wrapping my head around it, thanks :pray:

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@claasp , really fantastic clip!! thank you for sharing it – you found such a fantastic valley + your use of the filters across the stereo field is just gorgeous!

do you mean external input to the delays? or input into the live buffers? if the former, i can add to a future version, for sure. if the latter, this is already available via [loops]! please let me know if i’ve misunderstood :slight_smile:

also, let me know about the crow issue – i haven’t heard any reports of similar, so perhaps a crow.clear() from maiden and rebooting the script will do the trick?

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