[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

hey @ampism! Just a quick thought; Are you sure you’re on params - edit - collections and not params - pset ?

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Ah! That’s it! Thanks @DuellingAnts . All sorted @dan_derks
A thousand thank yous!

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Is it possible to rotate arc (orientation)?

hiya! seeking some help, seems i’m having a problem i’ve never run into before. when i try to load up cc2 on my norns shield it comes up as error: load fail. none of the other scripts have ever done that for me. i’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the script and rebooting norns a couple times with no success. any pointers greatly appreciated!

hi ben! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

can you share the errors that print to maiden as you boot? the only known issue would be if you are loading cheat codes with midigrid and a launchpad plugged in without having first enabled midigrid in the script’s GRID parameters ahead of time.

the grid rotation just makes use of the rotation parameter baked into the generic norns grid library, which is not currently mirrored in the norns arc library.

yes, these parameters mappings (norns-wide) only respond to MIDI CC’s. a midi note can’t be mapped via the same mapping functionality. i’ll try to surface some mechanism for this “pattern launch via MIDI” use case in a future update though! :slight_smile:


Thank you! You are very kind.

hey dan! thanks for the quick reply. i’m doing good, same to you! here’s a screenshot. i’m using a standard 128 grid so i’m not sure if it’s one of the known issues? many thanks for your help!

ah, gotcha — looks like your norns might be an update or two behind? lattice is a system-included module, introduced a few months back.

SYSTEM > UPDATE while connected to wifi should get ya right! lmk if u run into troubles tho :slight_smile:

ah yes, solved! silly me. totally forgot about updates to be honest. i’m one of those people that habitually procrastinate software updates on any and all devices. much appreciated!

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Maybe im not seeing something obvious - but is there a way to map midi cc to trigger to play a pattern? I can see there is a play / pause feature by holding K1 - but cant figure out how to map it in the map configs. Or how to map switching between recorded patterns?

not currently, no.
i’ll try to surface some mechanisms for this in a future update though!
are you using a MIDI keyboard to play cheat codes? curious which :slight_smile:


a foot switch that outputs midi cc via one of these guys MIDI Expression

The goal being to use CC as a kind of mix between a delay / micro live sampler for voice / guitar and accompaniment via triggering recorded samples

ive got the delay / micro slicing sounding really nice - just have to figure out a way to control it to kind of punch in and out effectively. maybe there’s a volume workaround. would be cool to be able to map to steping through the patterns, or a back , play current , next system


Hey @dan_derks , in the cc2 workshop you play a Blofeld usinb the pads in bank 3. Can you explain how to configure that please? I have a Blofeld too, and would like to be able to trigger it using the grid. Thanks! Hope you had a good vacation :slight_smile:

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Processing external sounds on the fly with the delay is magnificent. Thanks for this update @dan_derks

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for sure – the blofeld is really a great destination for cheat codes, since it has so many MIDI-addressable voices. super nice digital desktop synth with some really lovely pockets. very fun to sample it back into cheat codes simultaneously.

setting up MIDI out should ideally be pretty straightforward once you’re in the PARAMETERS > pad to note setup menu:

  • there’s a global section where you can toggle on settings for all three banks, or you can scroll down into each bank’s section
  • toggle MIDI output? to yes
  • choose the Blofeld in MIDI dest
  • choose a channel in MIDI channel
  • finally, choose a scale, a root note, and an octave to center the first pad in the bank on

that oughta get you in the zone, but lmk if something unexpected happens! stoked to hear your sounds!

raaaaad, stoked to hear your sounds as well!


Sweet! Thanks Dan. Off on holiday now for a week. Will try it when I return

Hi! Is there any guide/vídeo/post that explains how to connect iPad TouchOSC template with Norns?

I managed to install the latest TouchOSC template in my iPad, but I don’t know how to connect it to Cheat Codes2.

hi hi!

it should be pretty much magic once you choose norns in the available hosts on the TouchOSC app — both devices just need to be on the same WIFI network. there’s an OSC section in the params which will autofill upon connection, maybe might need to press a pad or two in the banks on the app.

plz lmk if you run into specific trouble with the process tho!


Yes! You are right. It’s working magically :grinning:

Thanks for your constant work and support!

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Hi Dan,

any chance of increasing the live buffer length in the next update of CC2 or for CC3? I would love to be able to record a 16-bar loop at any tempo, which pretty much requires a 64s live buffer length. If buffer length is a scarce resource I could also make due with the current overall maximum of 96s but having separate settings for each of the three live buffers…