[cheat codes 2] (rev 220524: LTS6.2)

Hi CCC ! (cheat code community)

I’d like to go further with CC2.

Has anyone tried to synchronize CC2 with a Blooper ? Do you have a specific setup for this ?

Also i was wondering if you can randomize the pads of a sequence like the randomize option of the arp ?

Have a good week-end everyone !


Seems like there would be two options for syncing:

  1. Midi out of norns using a USB to midi din adapter (then another adapter to go 5 pin din to 1/4" TRS midi into blooper).
  2. Use crow module in conjunction with norns to send clock out and into Blooper.

Thanks ! The option 1 seems the most convenient for me (using crow means using a modular system, right ?). I was thinking to that : norns > midi hub > chase bliss audio midi device > TRS cable into the blooper
Have you tried this chain ? Does it work ?

Yes, I have synced Blooper to midi clock so there is no reason I see why this would not work :wink:

i just got a blooper 2 days ago… and trying to sync the 2 was my planned experiment for today… right now i think the only way (for my personal setup) is to have ableton in the middle, sending and receiving audio from both devices… and syncing from there… would be awesome to run it standalone… i just have no USB to MIDI devices…

I’m sure you’ve seen these but in case you haven’t:
MIDI Unscripted
Deeper Bloops

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No i didn’t know the first video but the second yes (very nice video by the way) ! I actually aim at a standalone…

Hi there, still making my baby steps with the amazing script :slightly_smiling_face: Is it possible to push a pad in a bank and make the start/end points of that pad the recording start/end point in the loop recording window ? This would be great for very precisely recording a sound on a specific pad.


Greetings Gang! and mr @dan_derks On the 1. That has been my recent quest.

I could be having a mild stroke and am missing this but…

I would love a pattern recording mode that starts recording upon first pad press. I can see how certain other settings may cause hiccups elsewhere down the line. Maybe a mode where 1 of the 3 patterns has the ability to choose this mode.

For example, for me pattern c is tied to some percussion via midi and op-1. Would love to set it to 2 or 4 bars then when I go to record a pattern it doesn’t start the transport or recording until I enter my first Kick or whatever. Not sure if that makes sense.

Im really starting to dig deep with patterns and most of the time this is no biggie and CC is deep enough but this would be amazeballs! Take Care

Edit: My main goal is adding to the ability to start a set from scratch and this seems to be in my mind as the best way to do this. I most definitely am open to ideas.

hi y’all, hope the weekend’s going well for everyone :slight_smile:

currently, you can make the start/end points of a pad the same length as the recording start/end points, yes! if a pad is set to reference a live buffer, the zilchmo row 4 gestures map to the start/end points of the corresponding live buffer. so pressing the first key in zilchmo row 4 sets the start point of the pad to the start point for the live loop – and the last key in zilchmo row 4 sets the end point of the pad to the end point of the live loop.

sounds like you might want to go the opposite direction? so setting the live loop points to the pad’s points? in the next version, you can also toggle on a record head for a pad, so that might also satisfy the requirement. but lmk if you run into trouble with what i described above! :rainbow:

this is currently possible with the free recording mode, but it sounds like you want a quantized recording mode that will record for 2 or 4 bars after some kind of input, yeah? so a marriage between free and bars?

the next version of the script co-opts arps into a very deep step sequencer (with a song mode), so if you’re just trying to build a song or specific patterns up, that might satisfy the requirement.
once it’s released, lmk if there’s still a workflow gap and i’ll iron it out :slight_smile:

ah, actually, just saw your edit. so, sounds like “bars mode but it doesn’t start until i start playing” is the way to go?


Ideally yes. Bars or Loose would be Cool.

Right on the Money.

+++Buttttt Im rereading and reevaluating my understanding of the FREE mode right now And Im glad I spent more time with it. I’ve mostly left that alone for some reason.

rad rad! i think a combo of PARAMS > quantization > patterns launch at: free and loose recording mode might hit what you’re looking for in the meantime – hope to have everything sorted for a launch very very soon <3


Yup Just got into new territory already after some better understanding. Keep on rockin’ in the FREE world!!

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Yes I meant the opposite way - but hey I’ll give your suggestion a try. New features sounds awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Following up, this did work great :sun_with_face:

But I bumped into one other question: When I record in 1 shot mode I often get kind of softer transients (than the original sound) in the beginning of the sample. Despite everything is in sync. Is there fade thing going on ?

super glad to hear it all worked out!

there’s only 10ms fade time baked into the script, which protects against clicks as you enable/disable recording. there might be a bit of latency between your audio source + norns, which the latency offset setting under PARAMS> loops + buffers > live attempts to help overcome – tweaking that a little should give the desired crispness :slight_smile:

Funny enough adjusting that parameter has the opposite - more of the attack of the sound gets “eaten”. I also tried to adjust the Ableton buffer size to 32 samples, which also did not help.

huh! thanks for the heads-up! i’ll take a peek later this weekend :slight_smile:
edit: @tournesol , are you using threshold recording mode? or just clocked one-shot?

Sweet - thanks :sun_with_face:I tried both - and I get the same issue. Btw I used a Buchla bongo type of sound, that made it quite apparent.

@DuellingAnts posted two very nice videos on instagram. Hope it is OK to share these here, if not, let me know.
I just think they are really great entertainment and inspiration what to do while we are getting killed by the suspension waiting for the next version… :wink:

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Duelling Ants (@duellingants)

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Duelling Ants (@duellingants)


oh, wowowowowow – i deleted IG from my phone a few weeks ago, so totally missed these. unbelievably rad, @DuellingAnts. super humbling to see expressions like this from such a brilliant + empathetic sound voyager. the playful way you used arps in the first video is super inspiring. you’ve put so much care and attention into this script, i really can’t thank you enough :revolving_hearts: :sparkling_heart: