[cheat codes 2] (rev 220714: LTS7.2.1 [LFOs + more!])

On the delay page - is there an alt like but I can press to change values (feedback/fade etc.) on Both the R and L channel at the same time?

Also - Do the outermost 2 columns on the delays page of the grid do anything? are they storing something? it seems they light up when pressed and go away with alt, are they some sort of snapshot function?

I’ll also copy in my Arp issue from above just in case

Working on Arps now. I have it set to "last pressed”, yet it seems to be additive. It isn’t following what you show in the vid i.e. if the arp is playing and I latch it, pressing any other pads/multiples just adds them on to the arp sequence rather than replacing the arp notes. The additive setting is (obviously) the same.
Bug/I’m missing something?

lolol @dgsiii . that’s the namesake reference!!

for sure! you’ll want to link the parameter across both channels in the norns UI first, then grid presses will align to those links. from the manual in the top post:

yes! also from the manual:

i’m not able to reproduce this issue at all on my end :confused:
just to confirm, you’re on the 220524 revision?
if so, the arp process should follow:

  • toggle the arp key on the grid
  • press and hold some pads
  • they start arpin’
  • while pads are held, press the arp key to latch them
  • release all held pads (super important! if you have any pads held, cheat codes won’t assume you’re done setting the arp)
  • press new pads and those pads will replace the currently-arpin’ pads

please lmk if there’s any other trouble!


Awesome, thanks!

Funny, focusing on the vids and forget entirely about the damn manual!! Sorry about that, but really appreciate the sign posting.

Ah, think I might have downloaded before then. I shall update when I’m back to it. The sequence of arp button pressing might be the key there. I was just pressing and holding pads, then pressing the arp to latch… so from the seq. you have given I have basically started the arp and kind of left the gate open, and that would make sense.

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oh shiiiiittttttttttttt…. stoked!


this just jogged a thought. I’m looking forward to using the l and r channels of samples in the next version of cheat codes to do some pseudo-stereo manipulation, as referred to here:

I wonder if a cool function would be to “chain” two banks to playback in exactly the same way (maybe with hard panning, banks a and b to l and r) to help with this? might be nice as a copy + paste function as opposed to master/slave relationship so you could bring them into sync then manipulate them separately.

not sure if anyone else would find this useful but I can imagine using it as someone who uses a lot of stereo samples.

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apologies if this is up-thread, i did a search and didn’t see it. I didn’t look through all 1,386 replies :smiley:
it seems like there’s a but of a fade-in on pads which makes drums either a) soft attack or b) delayed transient. any way around this?

e: found it - params > loops and buffers > fade time


hmmm is it me or are the non-destructive random patterns editing destructively? when I use the randomize loop function the pads stay loopy even when I turn the random loop function off. Am I using it wrong?

also it seems when I change a bank’s volume using zilchmo maneuvers, I can’t change it in the norns ui

having a ton of fun with the threshold 1shot, dumping arps/ drum loops from op-1 is so breezy!!

they are, thank you! i’ll take a peek this week :slight_smile:

i don’t think i can reproduce this issue – if it helps, bank levels change on the UI using K1 hold on the levels page. happy to assist with more info, tho!

heck yeah, stoked to hearrrrr :gem:

already slated into (the WIP, but being tested with a handful of folks) cheat codes yellow! it’s fuuuun, especially with arps :slight_smile:

lolol yessss stoked for a new thread :skateboard:


Hey @dan_derks

Yesterday I was playing with live sampling, messing around with arpin’ live audio etc. (bloody loads of fun btw) and randomly bank a stopped arpin’ (not mid arp, but just didn’t let me arp again).
I would enable it and press pads, nothing - would just select a single pad, ignore my other presses.
Looked at parameters etc. all in order, banks b and c worked fine accessing the same audio with the same settings in parameters and matched setup on the grid.
It worked again when I moved from live to clip, and all returned to normal when I restarted the script.

I don’t know how it happened or even what happened. I couldn’t recreate it either.

I suppose what I’m asking is - are things like this just part of and parcel of the Norns/scripting environment sometimes (even though rarely)? Less so a bug (as in re-creatable “flaw” in the code), but a temporary glitch so to speak…

I mean, I’m sure I’ve had my machinedrum glitch out before, ghosts in the machine do happen…… this has become more of a philosophical question as it’s gone on hasn’t it?

Another thought, can’t see anyone mentioning it by searching. Is slicing the audio by transients a possibility that’s been put forward for yellow? Feeding my MD into it is great fun with one shot, and something like that would be awesome. Obviously it’s quite late in the day for any new ideas

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is there a way to return a pad to the global rate each time it is pressed?

this is how it was working when i recorded this video but i can’t figure out how to reproduce it and i’m thinking it may be due to a bug i introduced by tinkering with the code. :slight_smile:


lol i have no idea what’s happening here and it sounds amazing.
is the general shape that you want to control playback rate with a macro (which adjusts the rate of the played pad), but then when you press a pad it returns to the rate stored?


that’s exactly right!


rad! you should be able to just edit these lines:


params:set_action("rate "..i, function(x)
  x = util.clamp(1,#macros.pad_rates,util.round(x))
  if bank[i][bank[i].id].pause == false then
    softcut.rate(i+1, macros.pad_rates[x]*bank[i][bank[i].id].offset)

^^ that’ll avoid overwriting the pad’s .rate memory, but it’ll send the value to softcut directly – so, when you press the pad, it restores the rate from memory. i’ll take a look at adding this ‘non-destructive’ mode to macros soon, but hopefully that helps your specific situation? :revolving_hearts:


super duper, thank you soooooo much dan! i’ll give it a whirl. :hearts:


lol oh shit, @jaseknighter , this is fuuuuun. basically ripping your fantastic momentary arp / macro adjustment technique from that video with the non-destructive version of that code:

tytyty for sharing your inspiring artistry with us!!


ooooh yum yum yum!!!

your code update totally works. thanks dan! it is an interesting challenge not being able to see the value of the temp rates as they are being set. time to break out the force. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds amazing! Oh yes it does


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  • Has anyone else been dreaming this morning of a MOD that is just the main performance page?
    Im speaking strictly the MIDI functions only. That would be pretty sweet.

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Hey all, i cant seem to get the auto chop function to work. Any ideas on what glaringly obvious thing i might be missing is? All up to date on version etc Cheers!