[cheat codes 2] (rev 230319: LTS11 - nb!)

Yup, this worked - cheers - but unclear on why K3 isnt doing anything. Anyways, all good, cheers!


where are you seeing that? it might reference something else



Two questions -

  1. Quantisation for live pad presses - I see that there is a yes/no option for this but is there a rate selection somewhere?

  2. I set it up to record a fixed length on threshold 1-shot. It records 8 beats. then I want to delete that, and re-record something else but now it says 7.99 beats and moving the ends makes it weird out on the numbers. I assume this sis something to do with the master clock being external midi and it resizing. The only way I can find to reset is to change encoder resolution back to 0.1 move the end all the way to 8/16 secs and then change back to 1 bar. is there a quicker way? like a reset to it counting normal beat lengths?


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rev 230313: LTS11 (nb!)

to update, please remove the previous version of the script and install fresh – as long as you don’t directly delete data/cheat_codes_2, none of your saved data will be lost :slight_smile:

zip file for the previous version, if anyone needs to roll back

added n.b. et al. v0.1 support

dang dang dang nb is extremely rad. deepest gratitude for @sixolet + all who have contributed modules!!

  • after updating the script, you’ll see nb params listed above the cheat codes params!
  • each bank has an output
  • nb notes follow the pad to note settings for scale, root note, octave
    • alteratively, hold K1 on the main screen and hit K3 to edit each pad’s note settings

to send nb voices into the cheat codes live buffers, make sure PARAMS > SOFTCUT > input engine is turned up!!

note: when this parameter is turned up, you can technically record the audible metronome, so just be aware of this setting if you end up recording incoming audio at the same time as listening to the metronome

another note: cheat codes is already kinda CPU-heavy, so just making it known that you can definitely get into crackle-city if you have a bunch of nb voices running

(heads up @Agraham1987 + @MatthewAshmore!)
(also, dang, @Agraham1987 , thank you for sharing your fantastic work with us!!)

selectable live pad press quantization

  • params > timing + patterns + arps > quantization now has options for selectable numerator and denominator for the quantization rate
  • just to confirm, the quantization mechanism simply takes the stream of keypresses as is and then clamps their execution to the selected quantization – you can get into extremely funky territory by playing with these values as the pattern plays back

(heads up @Gordiegoose!)

allow K3 to engage pattern recording if grid is plugged in

heads up @ruaridhTVO + thank you for surfacing the discrepancy!

@Gordiegoose , i’ll take a look at the sensitivity of the beat display stuff with external clocking, sorry for the trouble in the meantime!


Woah! Super stoked about this! And thank you for your kind words @dan_derks :pray:t2:
I just updated and am getting error: load fail…
Very excited to get into this.
Much love


hmmm, if removing cheat codes and installing fresh doesn’t solve the trouble, could i snag your maiden REPL output or a log?

Done - fresh install - works perfectly, thank you dude.
Going to dig in…


It’s possible that script update doesn’t update submodules even when script install does maybe?

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oh right! super good reminder, tyty!
i’ve just pushed in a lil’ fail state message if cc2 doesn’t detect the nb submodule, which i hope was the only thing firing off the init issue for aaron. hopefully that’ll clear everyone up!


What an update and what a world this is becoming with such crazy creators - @sixolet & @dan_derks :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’m just running a bunch of Nb (mainly emplaitress) and live inputting the content into the buffer I notice that threshold input isn’t incredibly sensitive. I’ve had to push my softcut engine to around 5dB and I have to the threshold down to around 10k to hit it. Just wondered whether this sounds right? If I push softcut any more it would clip a bit I’d imagine? I’ve also got the amp pushed on emplaitress to around 0.65.
It’s not an issue at all but just thought I’d flag for anyone trying to get the Nb stuff into their live buffers.


Thanks for taking a look, if I haven’t been clear in my description just let me know and I can upload some pics or vid.

I think I understand in principle what it’s doing (i.e resizing the beats to the clock) and just the ability to turn so it returns to selecting whole beats is what would be great for this situation, if that makes sense.

Or even an alt function to change the sensitivity of the encoder turn so I can just knock it back to a whole beat

hahaha wow I went from publically posting that I thought I was being stupid, to a shout out in the patch notes - quite the rollercoaster ride :slight_smile:

big love @dan_derks , looks awesome!

EDIT: took a little fiddling to get nb working but bloody hell…feels like a wild time to be getting into using this for the first time with this amount of amazing additions happening…


based on errors people have been brining up for my scripts I think so !

personally I’ve started distributing my apps as .zip files as a workaround (so far, so good)

(useful clarification to the above: the maiden installer is compatible with publicly hosted .zip files (!), I’m not telling ppl to install thru SSH/samba, just bypassing git)