[cheat codes 2 workshops: two video courses]

hi all!

in February I hosted two live virtual sessions with Music Hackspace, focused on cheat codes 2 workflows.

i was really inspired by @tyleretters’s arcologies workshop, which gave a dozen+ artists the excuse to take some time to dig into a common tool together, sharing their discoveries with each other in realtime, and clarifying snags with the script’s author directly. it was super fun, connective, and helpful.

the only equipment requirements for either workshop is access to a norns or norns shield. if you have a grid or arc, great! if you have a MIDI controller or Launchpad, dope! but don’t feel like you won’t be able to engage with the script or workshop without these tools. i want these sessions to be accessible to as many folks as possible.

each session is $10 (£7.90) and are hosted through Music Hackspace’s learning portal

getting started with cheat codes 2 <~~ recorded version, about 60 mins!
this session is for folks who have either never touched cheat codes, or have tried and gotten stuck and didn’t feel like they had the resources necessary to try again. in this one, we’ll go through:

  • navigating the interface
  • setting up loops
  • manipulating audio
  • building and saving a collection for post-workshop fun :slight_smile:

going further with cheat codes 2 <~~ recorded version, about 90 mins!
this session is for folks who have a handle on the script’s mechanics and want to start exploring the outer edges. we’ll focus on structuring your playgrounds to keep you in the flow, with the goal of extending your use of the script into new and rewarding territory. this one will be a bit more open, to allow the participants the freedom to learn from each other, but we’ll be sure to cover:

  • methods for both clocked and asynchronous / free compositions with the script
  • building bases from which to improvise and find compelling pockets
  • incorporating external gear into your experiments

please lmk if y’all have any questions or concerns!


Thanks so much for offering this- see you there!


So rad! Going to get my tickets now! :sparkling_heart:


Great - the perfect excuse for me to finally get up and running with Cheat Codes. Signed up for the getting started session, looking forward to it.

Just a heads up @dan_derks the Feb 21 link is pointing at a Vimeo page instead of the workshop you got it :slight_smile:


thank you! edited :slight_smile:

so stoked to hang with y’all!!

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Is this a limited tickets thing? I really want to join the second workshop, but not sure if I’m available just yet.

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so sick, see ya at session 2 :slight_smile: excited!

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Wow! Dan! What a brilliant, brilliant thing to do! :smiley:

I’ve booked for both sessions - of course! - Thank you so much for setting this up, I am sooo excited!

And now I should go and buy some sort of MIDI controller and see if I can get it working - Bit nervous about that, ngl… (inner voice: “It’ll be fine, don’t panic!”) :rofl:

Really looking forward to the sessions - and meeting some other lines folks, too!

excited n00b face


Want to join! The only thing that I’m not sure how about is how to set it up so that I can share my live audio stream including norns audio. Any pointers there? Mac OS. Babyface Pro. Able to use Bitwig or Live if needed.

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Thanks so much for this @dan_derks this is an awesome idea. I’ve spent a couple of hours with CC but feel like I’m definitely missing some of the fundamentals so I’ve signed up for both workshops. Looking forward to them!

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each session is ideally going to have 20 people max. we wanted to keep things relatively small, so nothing felt rushed. the sessions will be recorded and Music Hackspace will offer access to them afterwards.

if you don’t have one in mind already, it might be helpful to hold off until you get a sense of what you want your interactions to look/feel like. other folks in the sessions might have advice, as well :slight_smile:

on Mac, I usually just create an aggregate audio device in the Audio MIDI Setup app that bundles up all of my audio sources. then in Zoom, I choose that device as my input and it’s usually good to go – i’ll see if Music Hackspace has any additional tips, tho!

oh, i’m so glad! i was going to mention that anyone who takes the first session will walk away with the tools needed to dig into the second session, so feel free to double-up!



This is a paid app but works great for mixing audio from multiple applications as well external sources. Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing

See you on 2/28 , I’m in! :sunglasses:


in for the 28th, thanks dan!

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Signed up for the second workshop. Super excited about this!

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I’m in :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

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I missed the first workshop. If I pay for it, can I still see it?

hi! there hasn’t been a first workshop yet (the first one is Feb 21) – did you mean @tyleretters arcologies workshop? :slight_smile:

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Awesome, this is a great idea! Been meaning to check out Cheat Codes for a while, and this seems like a good forcing-function to get me there.

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Uuppps! I badly read January.
So then I have time to join in. :grinning: Thanks for clarifying!

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This is awesome!

I work at those hours however, so I can’t attend!

You mentioned that Music Hackspace will offer the recording afterwards? I’ll be buying that for sure!