[cheat codes]: v1. (latest update: Feb 18 2020, PM)

cheat codes

a sample playground for norns

v1. (last updated Feb 18 2020 PM as commit d89a76f )

behind this needlessly ridiculous version number are a ridiculous number of needed additions:

hold K1 to reveal:

  • gridless control over pad selection, buffer assignment, and buffer recording
  • per-pad semitone offset
  • extend the Live buffer from 8s -> 16s or 32s

nb. hold grid’s ALT key and press the unlit square to the bottom right of each bank to reset your currently playing pad’s speed to 1x


  • env now enables at a 3 second envelope (was 0.5), to allow artist to “dial in” rather than forcing an immediate change
  • fixed bug where level change would immediately raise volume of an already-decayed pad


  • new lp/hp dj-style filter
  • improved ergonomics (each encoder controls its own filter, rather than one filter at a time’s controls spread across the three encoders)
  • hold K1 to set the filter tilt of the currently playing pad
  • per-pad slew parameter glides filter between different tilt values

complete overhaul of timing parameters, manual is a must read

  • highlight bpm and tap K3 for tap-tempo
  • MIDI and crow clocking retain the ‘swing’ of your recorded Patterns, allowing for easy integration with external gear
  • crow: configurable to send clock (+ clock divisions) or pulses with each pad press
  • Pattern linearization
  • Pattern stretching across bars at specified BPM

Patterns + meta-sequencing
completely new stuff, plz see manual

  • store up to 8 Patterns per bank
  • Kria-inspired 16-step sequencer to play Patterns
  • use toggle keys to switch between looping and 1-shot Patterns

you can save it all! sessions restore right where you left them, Patterns and all. this helps cheat codes be useful in long-marinading compositional endeavors :slight_smile:

there are still a few things I want to incorporate, but nothing that was worth delaying the release (any longer). mountains of gratitude to everybody who has pushed energy toward this script, but especially the test crew: @yoyosandshoes, @stripes, @jflee, @zanderraymond, @kasselvania, @noiserock, and @claasp. this wouldn’t have felt ready to go without your attention and care :revolving_hearts:


  • norns (200129 or later)
  • grid strongly encouraged, not required
  • arc strongly encouraged, not required


cheat codes manual 200217.pdf (9.4 MB)

for reference: previous version discussion, which holds many beautiful artifacts from the community


In the maiden package manager as cheat_codes (commit 8420953).
Don’t see it? Please refresh using the refresh button next to the community header.


boop boop!

quick fix: made a muuuuuch nicer arc curve for [filters]. it is riiiight in the sweet spot now, if you happened to update in the last 41 mins + have an arc you should grab it :wink:


Thanks so much for this, and all your hard work with it
Truly impressive and inspiring.


Wow Dan!!! Can’t wait to dive in. Now do I take the chance of revamping my live set for Friday to encorporate Cheat Codes…? I’m thinking yes :+1:

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Amazing. Thanks so much for this. I don’t have my laptop for a month though. Only my iPhone. Is it possible to update this without a laptop? Probably not eh? So happy to have longer sample time!

If you can connect Norns and your iphone to the same WiFi network you should be able to access norns.local from your iPhone. If you have a reasonable data plan you could even try hotspot mode on you phone and connect Norns. (Disclaimer I have not tried either)

Wow! I’ll try it. Thx

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first run at it…of course i immediately jumped right into external MIDI sync…and…FRACKEN AWESOME!

this is the sort of sonic ideas i heard in my head when first experimenting with Cheat Codes!


here is some of tonight’s noiz…again with the SOMA Pipe and the DRM MkIII:


Thx for the update dan, read through the pdf on work and can’t wait to go home :wink:

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We need to buy @dan_derks a pizza or something to say thanks.

bug identified + fixed

I’m getting some unexpected behavior on the filters page after loading a collection saved with the previous version of CC. The knobs don’t work to control the cutoff parameters. They do work on the other two parameter sets though (timing and jump behavior). My Arc works to control cutoff 1, but not 2 or 3, despite pressing the appropriate channel buttons.

I assume that this might mean that collections saved from older versions are no longer compatible? All good if so, just checking.


Here’s the Collection. I have two previous collections. I find that it’s happening with both of them so let me know if you’d like the other as well.
collections2.data (5.2 KB)

I don’t see any data being output in Maiden when I turn the encoders. I’ve never done this before so I think I’m doing it right (loading it from Maiden and looking in the output window below), but let me know if not.

bug identified + fixed

hmmm, that is really unexpected. i put a good number of barriers to help avoid compatibility issues, but maybe i overwrote my old files early on. can you please use Cyberduck and DM me the collection data file? also, any maiden output when you turn the encoders would be :100:

dust > data > cheat_codes > collections[x].data


edit: fix pushed! please download the new patch-up ( 8420953 ) thru the project manager!

if it’s interesting: the new filter is technically a hidden “filter style 4” when compared to the original code, so when restoring an old session that has “filter style 2” or similar selected, the new version is looking for “filter style 4” and so isn’t making any changes.


That was seriously the fastest bug-fix in history. Thank you DAN!

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filters feel great! also deeply appreciate the change to env default! can’t wait to try to understand meta sequencing page. you might double check the arc delay knob with the delay page—some weirdness going on, seems like the arc doesn’t call redraw on that screen?

amazing work as always

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hey hey! so glad you’re digging the changes :slight_smile:

it isn’t – will take a peek, thank u!

edit: yep, forgot to comment out something (line 134 of arc_actions.lua). low-impact fix, will release later today!

jeeeez dan this is so fun


Hey @dan_derks. Really small thing here, but it might be nice if the ALT button on the Grid switched the screen over to the semi-tone adjustment screen when on the Loops page (like it does when you press the first Norns button). I’m not sure if that’s possible or not, but I realized that it could be a nice ergonomics thing, as holding the Norns button while adjusting can get a little tweaky.

I also wonder if this alt mode could be a toggle instead of momentary… But either way, THANK YOU FOR IT.

hey hey!

ah, we’re coming up on the edge of some design choices :slight_smile:

I purposefully kept grid-ALT and norns-ALT separate for that page, as I found myself using grid ALT to take care of grid functions while needing to see that norns-ALT page – linking the two became really undesirable because now they each have such different contexts.

but, holding norns-ALT to toggle in/out of that screen is brilliant and easy enough to implement. will roll it in today!

Amazing. Got it, and thank you.

And I finally hooked up a mic to CC to do some live sampling (up until now it’d been all samples)… And wow… I’ll stop asking for things and simply praise you for a second (at least, hah) – what an amazing instrument you have built!

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I’m going to dive into this tonight.

I really appreciate the effort you put into this (and the awesome documentation)!!!

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