[cheat codes]: v1.3.1 (May 4, 2020)

somebody could make a version of cheat codes that gives you hints and call it… well… ok that’s too obvious.


oooh, like a performance mode that offers up oblique strategies for cheating based on choices you’ve already made in the session?


eh, I use the meta sequencer for this, I save a few “scenes” on each bank, and then recall them manually as I move through a track - this allows me to have those gold nuggets handy, and recover gracefully from a screw up on the other side.

At some point I plan to actually learn the meta sequencer :slight_smile:

Love that neotrellis grid, are there any good build guides? I know Adafruit had the UNTZtriment but didn’t know if it could do variable LED. From the looks of yours, it can!

EDIT: found a walkthrough here after using better keywords :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone!
Are there any updates on the op-z compatibility front? I’ve seen the post on instagram of CC working with op-z and I cannot wait until it’s released

hey hey!

i’m like, 95% done with what’s essentially going to be cheat codes 2.0 (i’m probably gonna drop the numbering system tho) – the op-z/midi control template was a rabbit hole that i’m really glad I went down! @glia has been huge in testing + validating the impulse :slight_smile:

i’m just cleaning up some of the other “ok, what else needs to come off the grid and into the UI?” questions and trying to psychically balance everything that’s going on all over all the time.

i’ll likely post up a beta in the < codebreaking >: cheat codes livestreams thread next week, if you want early access.


I bought a Norns and Arc and Grid primarily because 2 scripts seemed really cool to me, Cheat Codes being one of them. After struggling for a few hours last night with questions that seemed way too basic to ask here, I am happy to report that this is one of the coolest things I’ve discovered since Ableton v1. It does what I hoped it would do and a lot more. Thank you so much for creating this.


Well if it will have the pattern stuff in the UI I’d be totally happy :slight_smile: The rest is nicely covered by TouchOSC for me.

Well I do have some opinions on the clocking stuff, but I fear that has been discussed already. I’m really behind with reading up all the discussion that has been going on here, and I fear I’ll not get around doing it for a couple of weeks. So I’ll just see what will be in v2.0 and be thankful for whatever it will be like!

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@Xylr, thank you so much for sharing those super warm words – i’m glad you got going with it (i’d also love to help improve docs, so feel free to share those early q’s!), please share what you make with it! :slight_smile:

like, recording patterns? pausing 'em? changing start/end points? :heavy_check_mark: also, pattern overdub!

i’d love to hear 'em! feel free to DM or post in the codebreaking thread (which is for all intents and purposes the development thread), whatever works!

fwiw, i’ve completely overhauled “distro” mode, so that you can just dial in a number of bars you want to record patterns for, play 'em in and then they’ll just loop on the clock without quantization. it’s really nice to keep all the feel of your performance without worrying about timing and honestly, all i ever wanted the pattern recording to be. the clocks system has been a game changer and i’ll likely revisit the other quantization modes as well…but really, having a loose recording that just resets on the beat is like, really fun :slight_smile:


If there is anything I can do to help (testing, or feedback on the particular features) with this now, or in the future I’m more than happy to do it, just let me know!
Unfortunately my coding skills are still next to zero.

I would love that!

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Oh my. I’m very excited for this.

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Posted a video on Youtube of a little session I recorded for an online event last weekend using Cheat Codes, Anaphora loops (pre-recorded), Ableton, OP-1 and tape loops.

I love using Cheat Codes as a looper on all 3 channels and slowly fade in new material. The random pattern is also really cool to introduce into this


@dan_derks I don’t understand if I’m wrong but I can’t connect via OSC on iphone :frowning:
iphone and Norns / Fates are in same wi-fi network

Any help is appreciated

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ah, terribly sorry but somehow a crucial element was missed in the TouchOSC section of the docs! your outgoing port must be 10111 – that’s the norns standard :slight_smile: you currently have it set to 8000, which is the TouchOSC default.

give that an edit and let me know how it goes?


Thanks:))) OSC now goes but after I load the buffer with the loops does not come out audio?

Sorry for ignorance, everything works. I thought it also worked with samples from the library instead I tried to record and everything is great :slight_smile:

it does – page 21 of the manual is all about how to change between live and clips without a grid.


  • on the [loops] page, hold K1
  • you’ll get to an alternate menu:

if you want to make all the pads in a bank use a sample from your audio library

  • use E1 to select pad 16 (this sets all the pads in the bank)
  • use E2 to change to Clip X (whatever clip slot you loaded your sample into in the PARAMETERS menu)
  • K3 will move to the next line

hope this helps! please ask any other questions you have :slight_smile:

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Simply great with TouschOSC and iphone❣️


The TouchOSC template also works with my Android tablet. But I had to deactivate “Bundle Messages” and “Send Ping”. Are these two options important?

(Thanks for Cheat Codes! :black_heart::control_knobs:)


ayyy, great to see you got up and running!

those two options gave me the best performance in testing, but if you got going with 'em off then no harm :slight_smile: