[cheat codes]: v1.3.1 (May 4, 2020)

Hi @dan_derks !
I’m running into some previously unknown behaviour on CC this morning;

In my collections, saved patterns don’t seem to work. I’ve gone through a lot of my saved collections to check. Clicking the stored patterns on the meta page is not working and for some reason I’m not able to record new patterns on the main page. When arming a pattern for record, the pad is not blinking like it used to.

On a fresh start up everything seems normal, but when switching to a different collection the above seems to occur again…

I’ve updated the OS 2 days ago (norns says I’m up to date). In Maiden it says I’ve got CC b942019 installed

Be happy to investigate further but I’m a bit lost when looking at code :sweat_smile:

hey hey! hmm. can you try a clean install of the script? just access your norns filesystem and delete the code > cheat_codes folder? then re-download it?

i’ve tested restoring old collections pretty extensively, so if that doesn’t work then there must be a single setting that’s throwing it all off. this’ll be easy to spot – can you PM me your data > cheat_codes folder?

also, please PM me any output from maiden when you try to load a stored pattern?

your data’s safe, there’s just something wiggly restoring :slight_smile:

Thanks, will try this when I’m back in front of the computer. Just to be sure; when I delete the script, are collections still safe or do I need to make a backup of the folder in dust?

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for sure — collections are stored in data > cheat_codes, so totally separate from code > cheat_codes. but, it might be good to download/backup the data > cheat_codes folder first, so you don’t risk overwriting any collections when you start loading things up. then, delete the code > cheat_codes folder, then redownload the script thru maiden

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Why did I think there was going to be a cheat codes steam today? I can’t find anything… did I dream it? :thinking:

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lol, there is! :revolving_hearts:

2pm EST: < codebreaking >: cheat codes livestream walkthroughs


closing the loop! @DuellingAnts ftw.

when i fixed things for establishing a fifth in 1.2, I did not fix recalling one that used the previously broken syntax.

anyway, with help from hans (and hans’s helping hands), i fixed it up. if you run into what hans ran into, do not fear! i will release fix today (edit: tomorrow) :slight_smile:


First bit of coding experience from these hands :sweat_smile:


Norns effect at work… welcome to the club!


Set up for a full weekend of cheating!


i’ll get the update and vid out hopefully tomorrow AM :revolving_hearts:


BTW iPad running AUM running into CC for looping then into laptop Ableton to mix with other loops, all synched via Link is REEDONKULOUS!


Link honestly feels like freaking witchcraft.


20 characters of agreement

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secret update – don’t have docs done but wanted to get the stuff covered in yesterday’s livestream into people’s hands:

new stuff (which includes the fix for @DuellingAnts’s fifths stuff yesterday) is now in maiden’s project manager (commit 76b1f08)! i’ll do a formal post / doc update tomorrow – have a great rest of the weekend, y’all :revolving_hearts:


Made my first track with cheat_codes now. Script’s a work of genius @dan_derks it’s like the Octatrack’s funky cousin.

Maybe calling it a track is overselling it. It’s just one minute of strange stuff going on.

I live recorded some stuff from my Prophet 12, mixed it up with the cheat codes and used the pattern sequencer and then imported some noise from an old DFAM I had for awhile, and threw in drums for good measure.

And after that, I destroyed it all. In less time than it takes to fire up an Octatrack.


v1.3.1 (officially) released!

all the livestream features, plus a sync’d/unsync’d random record probability treat for @swhic + @edison! also, much love and thanks to @hypnosapien for the impetus to dig deep into auto-slicing and deepening the script’s bpm awareness.

live buffer improvements

  • NEW: PARAMS > ‘1-shot sync’ allows 1-shot buffer recording to sync to the global clock, to capture clean quantized recordings. Options include ‘next beat’, ‘next bar’, and ‘free’ (no clock sync).
    • If set to ‘next beat’ or ‘next bar’, a running 1-shot recording will ignore additional triggers until it has reached the buffer window’s end-point.
  • NEW: PARAMS > ‘rec loop encoder resolution’ will auto-align the live buffer window to the specified resolution and will clamp encoders to add, subtract, or shift at multiples of that resolution. Options include ‘0.1’ and ‘0.01’ (standard), as well as tempo-aware ‘1/16’, ‘1/8’, ‘1/4’, ‘1/2’ and ‘1 bar’. To get odd divisions or lengths greater than 1 bar, use encoders on the [loops] page (while the live buffer is highlighted) to add/subtract/move the loop window incrementally.
  • NEW: PARAMS > ‘random rec probability’ can be set to randomly toggle recording into the selected section of the live buffer.
  • CHANGE: PARAMS > ‘live buffer max’ adjustments will automatically enforce a ‘global pitch offset’ to match.


  • NEW: ‘auto-slice bank’ feature will slice the current live buffer window across all of a bank’s pads. To perform the action, press grid-ALT + the first key in the row underneath the bank you wish to auto-slice the live buffer into.
  • NEW: ‘auto-adjust buffer’ feature will adjust the live buffer’s window to match the window of the currently selected pad in a bank. To perform the action, press grid-ALT + the third key in the row underneath the bank whose pad you wish the live buffer to mirror.

new default state

  • CHANGE: when loading a fresh cheat codes session, live buffer will not be automatically engaged/recording.
  • CHANGE: when loading a fresh cheat codes session, pads will be set to 1-shot (previously, set to loop).


  • FIXED: if a collections-saved grid Pattern included a pad that was raised by a fifth, the Pattern would stop playing when it hit that pad.

endorsement of the year, tbh. and a lovely artifact? thank you!


I’m gonna be all over the quantized recording stuff @dan_derks , but you knew that already. This is glorious stuff.

Gonna have to cancel my son’s birthday tomorrow. As the years pass, he will forgive me, in time.



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super excited to dive in! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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