Chester Winowiecki - Metamorphoses (Norns and Shnth)

I’m so very proud to announce the upcoming release of my album “Metamorphoses” with Tone Burst on digital and limited edition cassette. The “not a label” are made up of wonderful individuals and amazingly creative artists and it’s so great to see my work alongside theirs.

To celebrate, I asked by good fiend, fellow musician and artist, J-Virus to make a video of one of the tracks from the album and I love the results. I see it as a companion piece to the album that stands on its own but is very much related to the audio. I recommend viewing it at the highest resolution that your connection will allow.

The album release will be this Friday August 5th with the digital going live at 12 noon BST (7AM EDT) and the sale of UK/EU tapes starting at 3PM BST (10 AM EDT). A few more tapes will be available for US customers at 1PM EDT (10 AM PDT).
This is link to Tone Burst’s Bandcamp page and I will be updating it on Friday to show the actual release:

For those who are interested, I’ll be following up with details about the recording and instruments used.


Looking forward to digging into this - love the video !

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Do share! Specifically on how you layer the recordings, how big chunks of Shnth scripts you use per recording/sampling, and all things shnth, basically.

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Thanks for asking!
I’m not very comfortable with DAWs and multitracking so my method of working has developed into playing and recording single takes with minimal editing and effects. All the tracks were recorded within a couple of weeks of each other and chosen from a much larger body of recordings.
The sounds are all short percussion samples played on a Norns Shield script “Grainzer” made especially for the Shnth by @cfd90 (Thanks, Colin!). It’s a very satisfying combination that uses the sensors of the Shnth to great effect. The stereo signal was played live through a custom 4 channel amp that I built. Each channel has a speaker or audio transducer attached to a resonant object and I recorded it all with a pair of phantom powered condenser mics into a Zoom H5.
A think that it’s very cool how “lines” this album turned out to be: both the Shield and the Shnth were purchased from forum members and the script was written by a member who based it off of the work of another member.

Here’s a look at the cover art:


Nice, thank you for explaining! So it is more the HID-qualities of Shnth more than Shlisp?

Yep, exactly. The Shnth is a USB controller for the script via the Shnth Library.


At the same time as the tape release, there will also be custom Tone Burst and Metamorphoses themed mugs available.:grinning:

The metamorphoses mug also has the Tone Burst logo on the reverse:

Handmade by me and suitable for hot and cold beverages. Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Good Morning!
The digital release is now live! :

and here are some download codes (please reply if you use one and I’ll cross it off the list.)

and…one more amazing promotional video from Tone Burst!


I redeemed this. Thank you for sharing!
(As an aside: anyone know why redeemed codes doesn’t make the album show up in collections? It has happened to me a few times now and it is incredibly frustrating.)


Agreed! I believe that there is a checkbox “Add to my collection” on either the yum page or the download page. I don’t know if you can add it retroactively.


Used k29p-ep68, looking forward to checking it out. The norns + shnth combo is fascinating and I haven’t really explored what that can do.


Figured it out! It is on the redeem page. Fortunately you can use the same code twice in a short while, as a backup if something should go awry.

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Gorgeous! Will these be sold through Bandcamp? I will hold off on a purchase if so.

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Yes! The tapes and mugs go live at 3BST (20 min from now)
On the same BC page, that is.

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Yeeeeh! Just bought a cassette copy <3

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Thank you so much for the support, @Soledad_Rosas !

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Managed to nab the last (!) one. Beautiful work Chester – both the sonic- and the stoneware.

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Thanks @Net ! The folks at Tone Burst are very excited to have fans in Finland!

Forgot the time for the mugs. Good on you for selling out so quickly! They looked really nice!

Nabbed the last tape though.

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Thanks @Thhhh ! I hope that you’ll enjoy it !

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