Chester Winowiecki - Metamorphoses (Norns and Shnth)

The USA tapes and mugs are now live!

All the tapes have sold! Thanks to everyone here who took a moment to check out my work.
If there is anyone who would still like to get a cassette, I have a couple of my artist copies set aside for sale or trade. Hit me up in a private message, please.


This makes it even harder to resist a Norns. The only thing stopping me is that I see the value in purchasing a fully built one vs building the shield, and I’d also need a controller which puts it well out of my range (for now)

Love these sounds!


Thanks! :pray:
I agree that the cost of the two together is a bit much but at least separately they are complete stand alone instruments with huge amounts of sounds possible. One or the other will keep you occupied for a long time until you get the second.


I redeemed this one, thank you :slight_smile: If you ever made more UK/EU tapes i’d love to grab one as I missed them yesterday. The mugs are so beautiful!

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Happy weekend everyone!

One of the parts of the cassette release that I forgot to mention are these small (3/4 inch) buttons I made to go along with it:

I have lots remaining and if anyone would like a pair or two I’d be glad to send them to you for the cost of shipping. Please message me directly and I’ll get them off to you.:grin:


very cool release that slipped past me (till now)
just redeemed “ddum-67ka”

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I redeemed zvtr-328n
I’m listening it now, to go along a pseudo nap.

Great work!
Very organic sounding, I guess it might be because of the Shnth’s responsiveness, and also the PA/resonators.

I really like that process actually, would you share a picture of the resonators?

Thank you for the art!

[EDIT] Ahaha, you have to wait until track #7 to hear sortoff a familiar beat :blush:

Also another question for you, I hear some very cymbal like resonances, are these from the resonators, or samples, or norns reverb?


just grabbed w35t-uzpb

thanks for the share

proper weirdness for sure, lovely

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Here’s the basic set up with the speakers/ resonators circled in blue. Top left is the reflector from a work light, top right a heat shield from my Camry :slightly_smiling_face:, bottom left is a cardboard tube and bottom right a plastic bucket.

About half from the objects and half from the reverb built into the script. When it’s very obvious, it’s mostly the script reverb but I think that the objects and the room add a lot of verisimilitude to it and keep it from sounding “fake.”
Oh and the fact that there are cymbal sounds in there too!


Thank you for the answer and picture!
Very interesting setup, for sure worthy of a live performance :slight_smile:
Also a good reminder to have my norns and shnth talk to each other more often!

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