Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)

Continuing the discussion from Goals //// 2018:

Given how many members either live in, around or often visit Chicago, it makes sense to have a thread dedicated to meet-ups, upcoming shows (attending or performing), and general convo!.


Tom K (@tomk?) is playing a show at the Empty Bottle a few days before me:


Definitely my deep-dish spot of choice for a whole pizza, and usually the spot of choice anytime I have visitors from out of town. I haven’t been to Art of Pizza, but I guess I’ll have to remedy that soon. Deep-dish by the slice sounds great to me. Beard and Belly sounds good too. So much for trying to eat healthier in 2018.

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Oh, I definitely enjoy Pequod’s over the other three in that rant. I got (understandably, I hope) heated.

But for real, deep dish by the slice is bonkers. Game changing. And consistently good.

All of my suggestions were up north – what are your fave things in and around Pilsen?


My partner lives there so I visit every other weekend. I ( would love to play some gigs of with lines members if they are performing soon! Also down to hangout, as I’m heavily considering moving there in the next few years.


rad! do you leave on sundays? i.e., would you be able to see christopher’s show at EB?


Xiu Xiu is playing this weekend at Thalia Hall if anyone wants to meet up!

I’m up in Lakeview and always down to grab beers and discuss about the finer things in life, such as giardiniera+italian beef.

I’ll definitely try and make it to Cafe Mustache on the 8th :+1: just so hard to make it outside when it feels like -15 hah!


Would love to go to the Empty Bottle gigs but I’m still stuck with all ages shows for now. I think I’m allowed to go to cafe mustache though?

In other news though I would highly recommend Andy’s Music if you’ve never been. It’s basically a large warehouse filled wall-to-wall with world instruments that you may or may not be able to buy, and most are playable.


Thanks, @dan_derks for getting this started and for the show mention!

I hope to meet some of you next Monday at Cafe Mustache. Though I totally understand the desire to stay home (low temperatures and it’s a week night show).

To enter the pizza conversation…

Spacca Napoli in Ravenswood is great for Neapolitan style pizza. They also have Burrata cheese (that they fly in from Italy on a weekly basis) which is by itself worth the trip.

I’m prospectively moving to Illinois later in the year; popping in to say hello. I’m agoraphobic and generally terrified of driving into cities, but very excited to hear about the modular community and shops that exist. Moving from SoCal and laughing maniacally/unassuredly at the differences in temperature that I’ve been observing. :eyes:


I haven’t! great tip, thank you!
bummer re: age. pretty positive cafe mustache is all ages, as the bar itself feels separate from the rest of the space and there are no servers at shows.

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606 Records is definitely the best of neighborhood record shops. The guys who run the place are great guys who stock a wide variety of stuff, and they stock tapes and vinyl from local people. (I do small runs of stuff that I like to sell directly, so I haven’t consigned anything to them yet)

Shady Rest is another great shop a couple blocks away from 606 Records. They specialize in a lot of hi-fi audio gear, including some old refurbished reel-to-reels and vintage receivers. Last time I was in there, they even had a walnut Monome 64 for sale.

Dusek’s/Thalia Hall/Punch House, Green Room, and Skylark have a pretty good variety of beers available on tap, and Maria’s in Bridgeport is great too. Lagunitas Brewery is on the west side of the neighborhood, and they have free tours and a taproom/restaurant in the center of the brewery. They recently hosted the Chicago edition of Korg’s Brew Music series, which entailed lots of free beer and hands-on access to the current line of Korg products.


I live in Milwaukee so I am not far, I’ll follow this thread for cool meet ups and things to do. There is a synth meet going on monthly at Modular Addict here in Milwaukee if anyone in Chicago ever wants to come up for that.


@xexyz Having grown up in that area, and been back up for a bit in college, and being a Brewers fan, I try to get up most summers for a show but haven’t since all the Modular Addict stuff has come around. :frowning: Do you know Jim Schoenecker? He’s a great dude, old friend, and he’s been very excited about all this new modular stuff happening in the city.


@sellanraa You should, lots of cool shows, I could post about upcoming stuff here too for people who want to make the drive. I do know Jim, he’s awesome. I played a show for him last summer and I’m playing another underground show with him soon too. :slight_smile:


we do have a Honda Pilot. seats like 40 people.


I fear it’ll be another summer without a home Brewers game or Milwaukee visit. I’ve got to get back in that rhythm of Chicago/Madison/Milwaukee visits…

I’ve still never been to Milwaukee! lines field trip to Modular Addict would be fun.


With the heatwave today, who all is up to go to the Cafe Mustache thing tonight? I’ll probably be bumming around before hand if anyone wants to meet up and grab some food or something.

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I’m playing there in july (and milwaukee too) if anybody will be in town and wants to come out