Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


Yep. No charge! I will post reminders on here and on my IG account.


hi folks!

I’ll be in Chicago (from Cleveland) July 21 - July 25 and am hoping to meet some of y’all, and will at least be at a few shows while there:

  • 7/22 @shellfritsch (Cool Maritime)/Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith @ Constellation
  • 7/23 @Dan_Derks’s friend Warm Human, etc @ Empty Bottle
  • 7/24 @madeofoak (Sylvan Esso) @ larger venue

I’d be happy to meet up with any/all lines ppl in the area if anyone is down for a group or individual thing!

also would be excited to hear recommendations on:

  • food/etc on the affordable end of the spectrum. especially into bread, sandwiches, pizza, fermented foods (@barnjazz?) , and ice cream (extra especially if regionally/historically significant but still actually good)
  • urban phenomena to explore (feel free to give me a reason to ride 15 miles on a divvy bike to see things of questionable/underrated significance; may be related to above)
  • bike related shops/things
  • synth related shops/things (aware of Synth City so far)
  • art galleries/installations
  • anything else you think someone who hasn’t been to Chicago for ~10 years should see/do
  • ways to thank @Dan_Derks for offering to accommodate me :smiley:

take care! looking forward to the trip and meeting/hanging!


nice! let’s hang! i’ll make a list and dm about food and bikes.


meredith/warm human lurks as @wrmhmn for the curious — i’ve been lucky enough to hear a preview of her upcoming album and it is fantastic.


I’d highly recommend Cloudgate


Warm Human is the alias of someone that should play at my house


Stoked to be seeing @madeofoak/Sylvan Esso and My Bloody Valentine within just a few days of each other, at the same venue no less. Hoping to make it up for KAS/@shellfritsch the night before Sylvan Esso, but I’ll be working a 12-hour shift before the show, so I might not have the energy to travel to the north side for a late show after I’m done with work. We’ll see.

One of these days I’ll actually be able to make it out for Modular on the Spot and other shows that lines people are playing.


Nerd Audio is another shop aside from Synth City, and they’re a short bike ride from each other.

My go-to affordable food recommendation for anyone visiting from out of town is Sultan’s Market. I’m not sure where you’ll be staying, but there are locations in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park where I’ve easily kept myself fed for a whole day for $5-10.


Anyone have experience with the workshops at Experimental Sound Studio up here in Edgewater? I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m just finding out about it living so close.

I’m going to the workshop next Saturday about Live Electronic Performance. Attendees are encouraged to bring instruments so I’m going to carry along my pulplogic lunchbox & an OP-1.

Some of the shows look good too; I have tickets for the Julien Bayle a week from Monday.


Seconding Sultan’s. Irazu for Costa Rican or just their shakes also awesome in that area.


I haven’t attended any of the workshops but their shows are excellent and my wife and I had our wedding ceremony there. The staff was super helpful and friendly. Hope that helps!


I just saw Octopus Project last night here in Cleveland and would definitely recommend checking them out tonight when they’re in Chicago! Looks like they’re playing Beat Kitchen. Weird experimental pop with the one of the best light/video shows of anything I’ve seen, in case you’re not already familiar.


Hope to meet some of y’all at the @shellfritsch/KAS show tonight! Feel free to PM or maybe we’ll cross paths anyway :slight_smile:


The space was beautiful! I can see that it would be great for a wedding.

The workshop was great as well, fwiw. I encourage y’all to keep an eye on their schedule, seems like they have had some awesome stuff in the recent past and I think it’s an awesome place to try to support.


Hell yeah! I’ll be there being a total weirdo so come out and talk about stuff or just hang out! Also the music is gonna be great. <3

Also wait who is @shellfritsch performing as/with?

Also also, met @joshhh in cleveland for a brief moment and he was incredibly endearing, warm, and interesting, so if anything come to hang with him :slight_smile:


can’t wait to see some of y’all in the next couple days. I love a lines hang.


12-hour-workday + waking up with a sinus headache that has barely let up = me going straight home instead of going straight to KAS / @shellfritsch after work this evening. Hopefully this headache is gone well before @madeofoak’s show tomorrow night.


Sean performs as Cool Maritime.


Forgot to check this thread earlier today, but I made it to the show at Constellation, if anyone wanted to say hi afterwards.


@zzsnzmn whoa thanks I am going to have to add that review to my resume