Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


Thanks to everyone who came to show last night :slight_smile:


Beautiful work last night! Really enjoyed it.


Anyone at the Riviera for Sylvan Esso right now?


@wrmhmn at the Empty Bottle last night was soooo good, y’all should check her out if you haven’t already!

I’ll be at the Sylvan Esso show tonight - maybe I’ll see some of you there!


for fuckin’ real, y’all:


north siders! if you’re free and looking for something to do [or just need some fresh produce] between 10 and 3, come say hi at the logan square farmers market! there are tons of great vendors and A+ people watching.


u guys are too niceeeeeee


whaaaaaaa SHE’S ALIVE!!! LURK NO MORE.


I’m aliiiiiines!!!


If this is real then I am very very interested


It’s not real this month but it should be real again in September I’ll let u know


i finally have a free saturday afternoon so i think i’m going to drop by the monthly synth jam at nerd audio.

is anyone else planning to go? if so, we should coordinate times!


I’m planning on stopping by for a bit. Not sure what time though. Maybe around 1:30 or so?


nice! hopefully i’ll see you there.


I’m working overnight Saturday night, so I’m actually to attend for once. See you there.


LAMPO’s fall season was just announced… starting with Oren Ambarchi.

Just RSVPd for it, so I’ll probably see a few of you there:


damn! just RSVP’d, i’ll be at Carl Stone too. not familiar with the others, i guess i have some homework to do :memo:


legendary Baltimore experimental music event High Zero is coming to Chicago (for the first time?) this weekend at Elastic Arts in Logan Square - lots of staples from the Baltimore scene. Here are links:


i’m pretty interested in both days - might go saturday to see MC Schmidt (matmos), Andrew Bernstein (horse lords), Stew Mostofsky (ehse records).


ah jeez, i fell off the face of the earth what with getting married and starting a new job. that thing at elastic arts looks awesome. i’m busy saturday night, but i’m going to try and catch the friday show :slight_smile:.


I was looking at the lineup just now and was surprised to see that my coworker Jen is performing with MC Schmidt on Saturday. I’m excited for them to play but bummed that I won’t be able to make it there for the show.