Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)



edit 1: ticket site is active and working

edit 2: got friday tix for Yves Tumor, Slowdive, and Mykki Blanco and sunday tix for Weyes Blood, JPEGmafia, and OPN


We’ll be staying at the Chicago Athletic Association across the street. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for accommodations and/or want to feel like a Wes Anderson character.


I didn’t get through to the ticket site until like 10:15.

I’m going on Friday and Saturday. Purchased tickets for William Basinski and Slowdive on Friday and Tortoise and Kamasi Washington on Saturday. Excited to see Daniel Bachman, Mary Lattimore, and the Mike Weis and Simon Scott duo sets as well (those are included in the base ticket).


Just got some for Friday, Yves Tumor and DJ Koze. So many others I wanted to see on other days but a little hard to justify $75 for one show. Absolutely love 0PN but I’ve seen them like three times. I’m sure their show is going to be incredible as usual.


so the performances you get from the Base Ticket are the same artists each day? Looks like the base ticket gets you into the art institute and those people are playing there, then everything else is an add on ticket.


the set up the schedule with enough time between each act that they can clear everyone out of the venue and re-ticket them. man, this sounds like a really un-fun experience :confused:


As I understand it, there are sound installations all throughout the space and possibly some other activities. The live performances are ticketed.


overall it seems like they are trying to cop the success/vibe of Big Ears, which has implemented add on tickets in the past but only for a few things in seated auditoriums. this is kind of excessive.


I now see how mistakenly optimistic I was about how this was ticketed - I read the $50 base ticket cost as being for the whole weekend, not per day.

much bigger decision to make now…


I agree, it’s a pretty over-the-top model and feels like it may be more of a clusterfuck than anything. I also had the mistaken impression that $50 was for the whole festival, which would have actually been a great deal I think. So I’m just going to go one day and bop around Chicago for the rest of it.


on the schedule there are people listed as being part of the Base Ticket. They are all performing at the Grand Staircase (which looks to be the stairs at the Art Institute). They are all performing all three days but in a different order each day. Weird.

So $50 buys you performances by these artists at the Art Institute:
Madison McFerrin
Marisa Anderson
Haley Fohr
Daniel Bachman
Mary Lattimore

and the “opportunity” to purchase tickets for other shows that day at approx their normal cost if that artist was just coming through town, but they are playing a short set.

I put together a cart with the three day pass and the artists I wanted to see and it was $308.


yeah the pricing is brutal, pitchfork definitely isn’t a nonprofit. my “dream lineup” was like $375, i ended up closer to $200 for 6 add-ons across two days. if you’re going for one act the pricing is totally insane; if you’re going for several in a day the price gets closer to being reasonable.

i’m trying to to be too cynical about it - getting to see the other installations (visible cloaks hasn’t done anything in chicago in many moons) and just perusing the museum when i’m not at shows should make it worthwhile.


for sure, i’m still digesting the format and deciding whether or not it’s going to be something i want to engage in and support. i’m not familiar with any of the base ticket artists but a friend mentioned familiarity and fondness of several so i should do some homework and see if they might be interesting to me as well.


Yeah I’m having trouble coming to grips with the same. I’d love to see slow dive, but I’m too much of a casual to really know who in the base ticket price I’d want to see. OTOH you do get to hang out in the art institute and it’s probably worth it just to check out some of the installations (like what barnjazz was saying).


do the base tickets sell out? onea those is prob about all I’ll go for


Pricey but such a great line up and such a great space. I’m geeked over so many of these acts


hey all, I started a separate thread here for the chicago event series I’m helping run ! it’d be a great thing to turn notifications on for if you don’t frequent the forum as scarily much as I do.

we’ve got a new event on the 9th, would love to meet some of you that I haven’t met already :slight_smile:


happy new year! i saw some people in the 2019 goals thread mention they wanted to meet more chicago folks, so opening things up to say hi friends.

not sure if anyone has any shows they’re lookin to go to in the next month or so, but i’m planning on going to the frankie knuckles event at smartbar on the 20th (i have the 21st off, the rare chance that my old withered body can actually go out and have fun at queen!).

i can’t completely commit, but i’m gonna try and make it out to humboldt to check out the openspace @andrew is hosting!


glad the those new years resos are raking in some audience members :clap:


Hi to my fellow insomniacs! Playing a relatively unplugged and “intimate” show at the start of feb! If anyone can make it I’d love to see ya after the show. (before the show I’ll be very sweaty and nervous)