Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)

Okay frankie knuckles event wow didn’t know abt this-If I’m in town i’d love to check it out!

house show but not my house ok


thx to everyone for tuning into that livestream ! - wasn’t expecting that. likely a recording coming soon-ish.


two more days til Midwinter!!

i’ll be at Yves Tumor and Slowdive on Friday - let’s hang out!


I’ll be at William Basinski and Slowdive on Friday and Tortoise and Kamasi Washington on Saturday. See you there!

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anyone going to see Grouper at Chicago Athletic Club this weekend??

me n @zanderraymond are I think ~

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yes! i will be there!

I won’t be at Pitchfork but I will be at @andrew’s apartment on Sunday to play a set with some other cool people.


I’ll be there! stoked for how much talent is gonna be packed into that space :slight_smile:


i think i should be able to make that gig before getting over to the art institute!


looks like andrew forgot to post the show on lines again follow on insta every1

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I’ll be at Basinski tonight and tomorrow night. Also doing Yves Tumor, Le1f, JLin, Serpent w Feet, Kamasi. Prolly don’t know any of you but if you see someone in a FutureHood T shirt or a UR Hoodie it’s me.

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Do we know whether the day pass grants museum admission earlier in the day?

And since the Events forum is public, would it make sense to start a thread in the regulars forum for coordinating details around the festival? Either that or a mass PM group…

anyone looking for 2 tix to basinski on friday (tonight)? i can’t make the set, can share the bar codes. free, just remember that you need the base ticket to get in, maybe donate to a good cause. PM, first i see gets it.

not sure if everyone who is going has regular status? maybe a mass PM is the best route.

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is anyone planning on going to the synth meetup at the empty bottle this weekend? i’m on the fence.

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Neat! Thanks for the heads up. It’s a few blocks away, so I may swing by and check it out!

I’m stuck with an all-day solo shift at the shop while my coworkers are there. :pensive:

It’s on my calendar - not 100% sure I’ll make it, but probably around 80%.