Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


As far as tonight is concerned…I will be focused on setting up and sound checking but I’ll definitely be around. Lakeside got the flu so he had to cancel. I’m playing around 815/830 and Cory will probably go on around 915 or so. Looking forward to it!


sounds fun. will try to swing through and check it out.


Where will you be playing in Chicago this time around? My girlfriend was sad that we weren’t able to make it to the last Sylvan Esso gig a few blocks up the street from us at Thalia Hall.


Gonna be the pasty awkward person on the Milwaukee side of the bar come chat or don’t I’ll probablt sheepishly say something about maths to half the people here


this u?
edit: this was @Tyresta’s friend Matt!


Close omg and characters


we’re at the riviera on july 23


Nice chattin’ with folks last night. Skipped dinner so apologies if I was a bit ‘sloppy’ (:

For programming folks there’s going to be a talk on pyo at the Chicago Python user group this Thursday ( which should be interesting. Normally that meet up is more dev focused rather than music, but it should be a good time!


really excellent meeting @zzsnzmn (and learning how to pronounce their handle!) and a true joy to be awash in @Tyresta’s piece. what a patient, exploratory and calming set — can’t wait for the recorded release!


Thanks, @Dan_Derks! Glad you enjoyed the set. I’ll keep you posted about the recorded release.

It was great meeting everyone in person and getting to chat a little. Looking forward to the next show and for future hang outs!


Nice chatting with you too, @zzsnzmn . Thanks again for coming out!


I just bought tickets to see GAS at the Art Institute on March 29th. Anyone else going?


i’m going to be there! major wolfgang fan, never had the opportunity to see him perform.


Awesome! I haven’t either. Excited to see what his live show is like.


If you’re free on Sunday morning/afternoon (10-3), not too far from Logan Square, and need to get some shopping done, stop by the Logan Square Farmers Market at Emporium (the one in Logan, not Wicker)! I’ll be slinging kimchi and t-shirts toward the back among the pool tables - obviously z e r o pressure to buy anything from me, but I’d love to put some faces to names! Most of the games end up being covered unfortunately, but you could easily make a full lunch out of the ready-to-eat food that’s for sale and a drink from the bar :beers:

I’m there every second and fourth Sunday, so if you’re interested but can’t make it this week there are plenty of options.


It was great meeting you and others that night. I was the one who is moving to Chicago from LA and was mistaken for you a couple times.:laughing: I’m looking forward to getting involved in the community there. Everyone was so friendly. Perhaps I met others who are here but i’m uncertain so if any of this rings familiar, hello!

The synth jam at Nerd Audio was also really cool.

I’m very curious about the general Chicago music scene as well if anyone has pointers.


Chicago is the nearest big city to me and I have a few friends I’d like to visit, so I’m going to plan to hop on a bus from Cleveland for one of these get-togethers!

seems like it’ll be no later than


My girlfriend and I are also big Sylvan Esso fans so we’ll be sure to make this one


Thanks again for delaying your flight in order to come to the show!

I’ll include some bullet points below about venues/organizations to check out related to the Chicago music scene:

Most of the “major” experimental and jazz type shows take place at venues like Constellation (,The Empty Bottle (, and Hungry Brain (

Experimental Sound Studio is great too:

There are also smaller/DIY venues that I am less familiar with that host local shows and art events. These are a couple of examples:

And if you haven’t already, you should check out/follow Lampo:


My show is tonight, and my birthday is at midnight. Hope to see some of you there. Doors are at 8:30, and I play at 9:15. :sweat_smile: