Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


I’ll be there with bells on…or at least a winter jacket. Any other folks able to make it out? Nothin’ like a Hamm’s at EB on a snowy night.


Hope you have a great show. Sorry I can’t make it! Keep us posted about future shows.


For those interested, I posted a studio version of my live set from last week. It’s called “Quite Human” and it’s available for free download on my SoundCloud Page. Recorded in a single take with no overdubs.

It’s an 18 minute piece of ambient/drone music for modular synthesizer and OP-1.



Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your show as well! I’ll listen tomorrow when I’ve had some time to wind down from my show / birthday celebration tonight.


No worries. It’s actually my birthday today, which is part of the reason I can’t make your show. Haha. Hope you have a great show and Happy birthday.


Happy birthday! Have a fun night!


Awesome thanks for the tips. I actually ended up at Hungry Brain randomly one saturday night. It was pretty empty that time but the jukebox was excellent!

Is there any techno/ebm/house/etc semi-legal warehouse parties? LA is overwhelmed with them. I don’t go all that often but its often the only way to hear the groovier side of experimental music nice and loud.

Happy belated birthday!


@caelmore, again, your set was wonderful. i’m so glad you went in with a fresh patch – it showcased how good of a listener you are to your tools. fantastic dip into your process, in real time. can’t wait to see more!


That was great. Now I’m sad to have missed it.


Thanks for checking it out! There will definitely be more shows in the future. Maybe we can put one together with @Dan_Derks?


Thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about techno/ebm/house shows. Sorry. I would imagine there is some kind of scene happening though.


Taking a cue from @analogue01 posting some of his live recordings to Bandcamp as part of his subscription service, I’ve decided to do the same, starting with some audio from my live debut a few nights ago: available here.


connecting with the Smart Bar / Oktave folks might help guide ya on this front:


Qu-Bit Electronix 2018 NAMM Announcement Party at Nerd Audio on Saturday:


Is anyone else going to the Grateful Dead show(s) at Alpine Valley in June? I just secured lawn tix for Saturday 6/23!


Just heard about this from some of my tenants at work, and I’m really excited to see these new pieces. Might be of interest to some of you.


Also, how’s this for a potential Lines field-trip?éliane-radigue


PLEASE COME! I live in Cleveland and some of my closest friends work at MOCA.

I’ll give an update when there are more details about performances as part of the whole MOCA exhibition - looks like they’re being slow about promoting things for some reason

If anyone ends up deciding to making the trek, maybe start a group DM with me on it? I might even be able to put folks up or work out a place to stay, or at least would be into check out the exhibition with folks or meet up.

I could almost certainly work out a low-key show if anyone wanted to also play as part of the trip!


Saw some talk earlier of a potential Milwaukee meetup! We’d love to host something at (our studio is in Milwaukee) if there’s interest. Also we’re always down for an in-studio session on the stream! We’ve done some informal local meetups at our warehouse space in bay view in the past though & it’s been fun. There’s also a hackerspace about a 20 minute walk from us, I haven’t been there in ages but also might be a good spot for a meetup:


Lampo just announced their Winter Series concerts for 2018. I will be at the Sarah Davachi show on 4/21. The other shows should be great as well.