Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


The next show on Feb. 17 sounds interesting, anyone know of the artists?


Yeah, do not miss Lehn/Schmickler - that will be an amazing show. Those are the shows that us small town peeps are jealous of :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with Marcus’ work outside of Pluramon’s “Dreams Top Rock,” which somehow boasts guest appearances with Julee Cruise, Kevin Drumm, and Keith Rowe. It’s a great record.




I’m going to be in Cleveland May 10-14th for PyCon and would love to meet up with Cleveland lines folks. Probably can’t provide transport but if anyone else here wanted to hang I would be MAX DOWN FOR THAT!

In Chicago news, we have hell snow going on right now, but if anyone is coming to the J Dilla Tribute show tonight I’ll buy you a beer and a shot :slight_smile:


Roll call for the Lehn / Schmickler show tonight?


Planning on it. New Year’s resolution was to make it out to more Lampo shows


While not a New Year’s resolution for me, I do hope to make it to many more Lampo shows than I have in the past couple of years. I used to work weekend shifts that ended at 8pm, exactly when Lampo shows would start, and I’d find myself arriving just as the performer(s) had finished their performance.


so I spaced on updating folks about the opening for this since it snuck up on me, but it was yesterday. I’m definitely going to be revisiting the Auerbach/Radigue work when I can go during normal hours - MOCA Cleveland openings are fun but not good to really experience subtle works because there are so many people around, and this show definitely should get extra attention in my opinion. Even though I want to spend more time with it, it’s definitely among my favorite museum shows I can recall. Also, Tauba Auerbach and her whole crew of friends that came in for the opening are amazingly nice and down to earth people, and it was fun getting to hang with them after the show. I think there is another event or closing or something at which she’ll be speaking or performing (I think), and there is talk of a smaller show at a gallery that my friends run as part of that next visit.

C. Spencer Yeh also did a quadraphonic performance as part of the opening which was super cool! It was the second quadraphonic work I’ve been to MOCA for, the first being Morton Subotnick about 3-4 years ago (also was amazing).


Opening nights are never good for experiencing the work… I’ve done museum security during openings and it’s always a loud-but-fun mess, better for people-watching than art-viewing. I definitely hope to make it over at least once during the exhibition’s run.

This is also coming up in conjunction with the exhibition:


I’m planning on it! 20


Just remembered you have to rsvp for these :thinking: Currently they’re at capacity. I guess I’ll start my more concerts resolution next LAMPO


I hope the Lampo show was great! Is anyone else going to the John Maus show at Lincoln Hall tonight?


The show was packed, with standing room,only, by the time I arrived. I think they played for close to an hour, and I had a lot of fun watching Thomas Lehn freaking out on his Synthi’s touch keyboard at various points.

Also, bummed that the bookstore was sold out of @analogue01’s tapes, but was happy to hear the girls in the bookstore talking so enthusiastically about the music contained on them when I asked about it.


This hasn’t been officially announced yet, but since it’s lines-centric, you all get to hear about it first:

@Dan_Derks, @Tyresta, and I will be playing a show on April 28th at High Concept Labs, a not-for-profit arts space housed within Mana Contemporary Chicago in Pilsen. We’ll be donating our portion of ticket sales to two local organizations, the Chicago Women’s Health Center and Pilsen Wellness Center, with the remaining funds going to support artist sponsorships and future programming at HCL. We’re busy finalizing some details before the event and ticket sales pages go live, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and more announcements to come.


Niiice! I’m excited for this. Will plan on actually going to something and meeting the Chicago lines folks this time!


Any events happening this week/end? I’m around and hankering for a good time.


@stripes in the houuuuuuse


Whoa!!! Gonna try to make this… llllll meet up? Family photo?


I have tickets to her show with Frankie Cosmos… figured I’m better off with two-in-one