Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


Did anyone else attend the Jeff Mills +Tony Allen show last night at Metro ?


Official announcement!

$10 suggested donation, with proceeds benefitting Chicago Women’s Health Center and Heartland Alliance, as well as supporting artist sponsorships and future programming at High Concept Labs.

Facebook event page:


Goals //// 2018

Bought my tickets this yesterday, this would be a great opportunity for a lines meetup so everybody come ok cool sounds good :tropical_fish:


cool to see a chicago thread!

i’m sadly located in the burbs right now but considering spots to move back closer to the city. thinking forest park at the moment due to rent prices etc. ( i want to live alone and work from home so need a fair bit of space ).

but guessing within a few months i’ll try to get out more and do some modular meetup type stuff. definitely into diy building :]

looking forward to lurking and finding more stuff going on


Any lines people planning to attend Knobcon this year?


ah! wish I could make the trip from Ohio for the @caelmore / @Dan_Derks show but I’ll be traveling the other direction that weekend!

has anyone been to Knobcon? I’ve passively thought about going once or twice but never felt compelled, but other lines folks going would be an incentive


(@joshhh: + @Tyresta!)


i may go, but the reason i skipped it last year was because i got so deep into diy.
looking at all the retail modules is just kind of stuff i will likely not own, or at least not till others get bored of them and they pop up in trade forums etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

really cool event though. even being local to the event if i go again i’d rent a room and party with everyone there. that seems to be the extra magic to it. getting to hang out with synth fans and kind of just kick back and relax.

that being said i burn out on people really fast too.

local events and meeting people to potentially chill with and record / noodle around etc is really a nice prospect. but that event is solid and it’s a worthwhile journey, especially if you’re a people person.


anyone heading to the (free) sam prekop modular set at the empty bottle tonight?


Definitely bummed I missed it. Monday night shows are tough.


Ooh, I played with him a few years ago and he has such a great tasteful approach. Beautiful sounds.


will anyone else be at the Gas show at the Art Institute this Thursday?


Maybe if it wasn’t sold out :frowning:

I think we all have a talent for not going to any of the same shows


Wish I had known about this in advance!


hahah fair, i got my tix months ago. hopefully i’ll get to meet a few of you sooner or later!


for fuckin’ real.

@stripes in town 5/7:


We need a @stripes modular solo tour!


I have tickets to this!

I also have tickets to:

Mind over Mirrors @ MCA 4/7
@Dan_Derks, @caelmore, and @Tyresta 4/28
Son Lux this Thursday


Will definitely be there. Psyched to see him again, my friends in NYC and Philly said it’s a great show.


Yep I’m down! But is there a general jam? Beers and jam?