Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


if anyone has an extra ticket to that gas show i would love to go (will pay you the $$$ of course). in the middle of packing for moving so anything to take my mind off that is very much welcome :sob:

i completely blanked on posting about either of these:

got the chance to see nils fraham last weekend and it was amazing! very emotional, i’m curious how he set up all of the looping sequences (he was basically just walking from synth to synth).

also hugo ball was that same night— i’ll try and give more of a heads up next time in case anyone wants to come and gq it up :lipstick:


I will be there. If you would like to meet up, let me know. I’m going with a couple non-lines (weird distinction) friends. Not sure how seating is going to work but you are welcome to sit with us.


thinking to go to one myself. Will be in Chicago from 5th April to 28th April. any meetups during that time? i’m going to be there for a conference best steroids weight loss but i would really like to talk with other people as well.


@Tyresta, @Dan_Derks and I will be playing a show that night. Details and appropriate links a few posts up.


On the 7th of April nerd audio is going to have their monthly meet up, I’ve never been but I’ve heard it’s a lovely time.


will be at gas, too.

hugo ball w/ call super looks great!


Cory has been doing some great work with – looks like @fourhexagons is going to be featured! edit: whaaaaaaaat and @annannie!!!


A little late but, did anyone catch Kelly Lee Owens last week at Schubas ?
She was really good and played all her tracks live with just two microbrutes and one drum pad!


Yep. My trailer was just promoted on the socials. And Ann Annie’s is already viewable on the Patch CV Vimeo:


i know it’s late, but any chance i’ll see any of you at Alex Zhang Hungtai [ex Dirty Beaches] at Sleeping Village in Avondale tonight?

also, i’ll be at Nerd Audio’s thing this saturday!


I won’t be at the show tonight but I’m planning on stopping by Nerd Audio on Saturday.


RSVPs are up for the Sarah Davachi Lampo show:


Feel bad cause I RSVP’d for the last one then didn’t go, but I just RSVP’d for this so somebody make me go


For what it’s worth, her Lampo show last year was fantastic. I’ll definitely be there if you want to meet up.


Oooh, just saw this thread. I’m opting into thread notifications because I need to get out of my house more.

I also might go to that Davachi show at Lampo, contingent on travel plans. I never regret going to one of their events. So excellently curated and produced, plus I love that they start promptly at 8, there aren’t opening acts, and there are chairs. Because I am an old person, apparently.


Just announced: Drew McDowall at the Hideout, for June’s installment of Resonance Series.


roll call for the Sara Davachi show at Lampo on Saturday evening :raised_hand:

it looks like RSVPs are still open!


My wife and I would like to go. I tried RSVPing on Wednesday and it put me on a waitlist. Does that mean all seats are technically accounted for already? Wasn’t sure if we should just show up and hope for the best.


Show up and hope for the best. If nothing else, there will be some standing room.



Shall we plan a meetup? @Tyresta @barnjazz