Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)


I’m down. @Dan_Derks will be there too. What time is everyone planning on heading over there?


The show’s at 8 but I can come whenever. Are we best meeting somewhere nearby? (there’s an Intelligencia off Clark/Division)


How about we meet up at 7:15/7:30 at Intelligentsia? Anybody else that is following this thread is welcome to meet up as well.


Doubt I’ll make it there before 8 due to work, so no pre-show coffeeshop hangs for me, but I’m still planning to make it there before Sarah starts playing.


i’m gunning to get to the show earlier than maybe i should, but excited to see everyone there! :grin::revolving_hearts::notes:


i’ll try to be there! if not, see y’all at the show!


Hi All. I think we are just going to meet at the show around 715/730. See you there!


Checking out these shows next month at Constellation. Anyone else planning on attending?


99.9% chance i’ll be at Bing & Ruth, they never disappoint


@andrew, still planning on coming out tonight? anyone else around?

What are you listening to?

20 characters of A+ lineup


Yup, I’m coming out! News just came in that Matt might be bringing Patient Sounds bagels so I’m fully excited.


Much appreciation and thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday! It was a great turn out and we were able to give a decent amount of money to each charity. Thanks also to @Dan_Derks and @caelmore for asking me to play and helping put the show together. Wonderful sets all around!

For those interested, I am playing a (similiarish) set this Saturday night at Booze Box ( at 10 p.m. The show will be filmed as part of the Patch documentary series (

I’ll be playing alongside @xexyz, redstripedown (Corey Sterling), and Nero Bellum. Come out if you can!


is anyone going to Bing & Ruth at Constellation this friday? i’m leaning toward going but a few friends and i will likely be making a gametime decision.

their live show has featured a different lineup every time i’ve seen them but it has always been * ~ sublime ~ *


My wife and I will be there! Might skip the opening DJ though.


I saw them last night in SF. It was lovely


I’ll just go ahead and ask the question everyone’s thinking: how do we get a jar of the kimchi

Lines Deadheads and Jam Bands

sorry to take this off topic, but:
kimchi is tricky to ship, especially in warmer months, because temperatures over ~40F lead the ferment to restart and the texture/flavor to change pretty rapidly. i’m not interested in using styrofoam coolers so i’ve just focused on selling it at my local farmers market in chicago. though for you specifically, i can bring some to your show at the riviera in july! i see that it’s sold out - maybe i can get it to you before the show?


dude I’ll put you on the list, watch for a pm


Which one is that? Might have to come get some :slight_smile: